For daily (and longer) forecasts, try:

Institute of Meteorology, Portugal – English language version giving a general forecast for the country and 10-day forecasts (select district and individual town from the drop-down menu near the top of the page).

Spanish forecaster El Tiempo also produces forecasts for Portugal (and are probably more accurate).

BBC Weather – link to the five-day forecast for Lisbon (go to Find A Forecast for other Portuguese towns.

Weather statistics

Climate has weather statistics for a number of key locations around Portugal.

Weather & has a general overview of the Portuguese climate plus links to summaries and detailed statistics for hundreds of locations around the country. 

Portugal’s Meteorological Institute is also an excellent site for weather stats. Some of the information is only in Portuguese (or bad English) but the charts are reasonably easy to understand.

For historic information, see climate normals then – from the links on the right – select the historic period, temperature or precipitation, and the location.

2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. One of the big issues relating to touring in the north is of course the weather! Rain and headwind (and hills) not the cyclists best friends. Any tips on riding in the rain or should one find a good spot and settle down with a few cerveseras and a good book?

    • I find it depends on whether you’ve got a deadline!
      I’ve always been pretty lucky riding in Portugal. Even touring in Jan/Feb we only got soaked a few times. I’ve always found that a headwind is the most gruelling, depressing enemy. Hills you can climb and even if you get wet it generally doesn’t last all day and you can then change into dry clothes if needed.
      I was in the north last October – beautiful weather for the first half of the month but then periods of heavy rain and got quite a bit colder.
      (I also remember 10 years ago leaving my wife holding our tandem in the pouring rain in Coimbra while I went in to a guesthouse to ask about a room – they didn’t have one but offered me a cup of tea. I did think briefly about leaving Carolyn out there while I stayed in the warm and dry…)

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