Spares & Repairs

There are some excellent bike shops in Portugal – particularly in smaller towns – where you can find excellent mechanics only too happy to help you out. Labour charges are also often very low – it’s not uncommon for bike shops to charge for a part but nothing for fitting it.

See the Bike Shops & Mechanics page for listings. (Extra recommendations are always very welcome.)

The biggest problem for touring cyclists can be finding spares. Nearly all ‘serious’ Portuguese cyclists are either on road (racing) bikes or mountain bikes with very little in between. You will find some hybrid style bikes but these tend to be fairly basic machines for pottering around town.

Bike shops tend to carry the kind of parts suitable for their normal customers so you’re unlikely to find anything aimed at the touring cyclist or those with anything other than off-the-peg, mass market bikes.

If you need anything non-standard (e.g. anything other than basic Michelin tyres) it’s a very good idea to bring spares with you. Prices for anything imported are also often relatively high.

Many bigger towns have a branch of SportZone, which is fine for basics like spare tubes and cycle clothing. Decathlon has bigger stores – mostly on out-of-town sites – and similar ranges.

If you’re in Portugal for any length of time and urgently need a new part for your bike, online UK companies like Chain Reaction and Wiggle will deliver to Portugal. It only takes a few days to get kit sent out – and you may well get a better price than buying in Portugal anyway.

For anyone looking to buy (or sell) a second-hand bike, the Bike Market site may be useful – otherwise, ask in local bike shops.

If any riders have discovered a good bike shop or mechanic in Portugal, please share the information and post recommendations below. Thanks.

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