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Scroll down for details of more than 140 bike shops & mechanics across Portugal.

Everyone on a bike tour needs a little help sometimes – even if only because they’ve ridden so far they’ve worn out their tyres!

Feb 14 repair
Roadside repairs

As discussed on the Spares & Repairs page, many Portuguese bike shops only carry parts for either road bikes or mountain bikes – meaning the range of what’s available can be very limited.

However, if you need help, the list below includes all the bike shops I’ve been able to find to date.

There are some recommended by both myself and fellow cyclists. Others (the majority), I’ve found by searching online, while some are bike shops that have asked to go on the list – please be aware these are not recommendations but purely for your information.

In small towns there may not be a specific “bike shop” but local mechanics/hardware stores often carry some bike parts alongside chainsaws, agricultural equipment etc. Even if they can’t provide exactly what you want, they might be able to fix your bike up well enough to get to the next big town.

I’m also always keen to add to the list. If you know a good bike shop or mechanic, please add a comment in the box at the bottom of the page, email or use Facebook.

Entries below are listed the same way as other parts of the site – towns are in alphabetical order under the name of their region.

Oh, and by the way, after riding nearly 11,000 miles across 10 countries on our tandem, I’ve got one piece of extra advice: Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres – virtually puncture proof even when ridden until practically bald. I’d never use anything else by choice. (And, no, I’m not sponsored by Schwalbe!)


As well as a online shop offering a comprehensive looking range of parts and accessories, BikeZone has a chain of 16 bricks and mortar stores on the mainland (plus one on Madeira), most but not all in the northern half of the country.

As well as individual bike shops, the Decathlon chain of outdoor stores carry cycling gear and often have an in-store mechanic. (I’ve also found they are one of the few places where you can buy screw-top gas canisters to fit a Trangia stove.)

Most Decathlons are in out-of-town retail parks. You’ll also find SportZone another source of cycle clothing and equipment. Their shops are often in town and in smaller shopping centres as well as some larger outlets.

For secondhand bikes and equipment you can try looking online at Bike Market

Portuguese cyclist João Jorge Araύjo recommends the online ProBikeshop as a source of supplies. You may also want to look at non-Portuguese online suppliers like Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles if you’ve got the time to have gear sent to you – particularly if you’re after something less mainstream.

You may also find other bike shops on this Orbea list.

Northern Portugal

AMARANTE: Tomo-Bike is an Orbea dealer on Av. 25 de Abril (south of the Rio Tâmega).

BARCELOS: Carbon Work is a bike shop with a workshop that does general repairs as well as specialising in repairs to carbon frames. It’s on Rua Dr Anibal Araujo, a few hundred metres NW of the train station.

There are also BikeZone and SportZone shops in Barcelos.

BRAGA: There are various bike shops in and around the city:

  • Bike Brothers is just to the west of the historic centre.
  • Bike Garagem Amorim is a bike repair workshop a little to the east of the old centre.
  • Braga Bike, to the south-east of town, is recommended by local cyclist João Jorge Araύjo, who says it’s a fantastic shop”
  • Doctor Bike is a Cannondale hydraulic suspension specialist near the Ferreiros train station.
  • First Bike is to the north-east of town, just off the N103.
  • ProCycle is a Specialized dealer, also to the north-east.
  • Spot S. Tiago – Bike Total is south of town in Esporoes.

There’s also a BikeZone store and a Decathlon.


  • 5300 Bike Shop is a Giant dealer to the south of town on Alameda de Santa Apolónia.
  • Bbike is on the N15 going north out of town – offers technical assistance and sells accessories and parts.

There’s also a SportZone in the centre.

CALDAS DAS TAIPAS: MS Bike is on R. Nossa Senhora Fatima (opposite Pastelaria Centenária) going north-east from centre. It stocks BH and Orbea bikes, also has a workshop for repairs to bikes as well as scooters and agricultural equipment.

CAMINHA: My Bike is an Orbea dealer with a workshop that also does bike rental. In the centre of town, just off the N301.


  • Bar Bike is on the northern side of town, with spares, clothing and a workshop.
  • Street Bikes is a Trek dealer on Av. Trinidade going out to the north.
  • Tutti Bike is another option – an Orbea dealer on the northern side of town.


  • Bicicletas Martins is a local Orbea dealer. On Rua dos Aliados, between centre of town and Ecopista from Guimarães.
  • Bike Smile Fafe is to the south of the town centre, just off the N206. Spares and repairs.
  • Black Cycles is just to the south-west of the centre on Rua da Suécia (near Pingo Doce supermarket.

There’s also a SportZone at a shopping centre to the south-east of town.


  • Bike House is out to the west of the town centre, just beyond SportZone.
  • LikeBike is a Specialized dealer on the western side of the city with a workshop as well as spares and accessories for sale.
  • Velo Store is on the north-east, right next to the start of the cycle trail to Fafe.

BikeZone has a store here, as do Decathlon and SportZone.


LOUSADA: My Bike is a bike and outdoor equipment shop south of town on the N106-1 just opposite the Leclerc supermarket.


  • All Bike is an online store but is based in Maia where the company also has a bricks and mortar store.
  • Gaia Bike is a Specialized and Trek dealer but also has a workshop for repairs and servicing. Between Maia and the airport. Also has shops in Porto.
  • Ribeiro’s Bike Shop sells bikes & parts and has a workshop. There’s one branch in Maia and one in Porto.

There’s also a Decathlon in Maia.


  • Dani Bikes is on the southern side of town.
  • Giga Bike sells bikes, clothes and parts, as well as having a workshop.

There’s also a SportZone here.

MATOSINHOS: See also Porto below.

  • Bicicletas Eléctricas deals with ebikes and is close to the waterfront near the north end of Matosinhos beach.
  • Velo Culture has one shop & workshop just south of the port in Matosinhos and another outlet in Porto.
  • ViCycles is a bike shop with a workshop near the centre of town.

 There is also a Decathlon out towards the airport.

MIRANDELA: Quiterios Bikes is a Specialized dealer on the west side of the Tua River, just across the Ponte da Europa. Run by former professional rider César Antunes Quiterio


  • Ciclo Bernardo is in Largo Nunes Alvares in the centre of town.
  • Go Bike is a bike shop in Todeia, a village about 7km to the south-west.
  • Nort Bike is south-west of the centre (opposite Intermarche). Sells bikes and accessories and also has a workshop.


  • Oficina Do Empanado is a bike shop that also offers repairs for all brands. On the N106 to the south of town.
  • Teknovelo describes itself as a shop for high performance cyclists. Also on the N106 south of town.

There’s also another Decathlon.


  • InMountainBikeShop is near the centre of town and has a workshop as well as gear and spares for mountain bikers.
  • Vila Bike is just south of town on the N203 (near an Intermarche supermarket) and sells new and used bikes and has a workshop.

PORTO: Various options – see also EspinhoGondomar, MaiaMatosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia.

  • Bicicletas Coelho is out to the north-west of town towards Matosinhos. Recommended by James Cheseldine, who said: “The place to go in Porto, a big shop with a workshop, fitted my new pedal crank in 10 minutes and charged €5 for labour. Also spoke excellent English.”
  • Gaia Bike is a Specialized and Trek dealer but also has a workshop for repairs and servicing. There’s one shop in Porto near the Botanical Garden and another out to the north-east in Ermisende. Plus a branch between Maia and the airport.
  • Intemporal Bikes repairs and restores old bikes as well as selling new ones, spares and accessories.
  • Ribeiro’s Bike Shop (also with a branch in Maia) is on the north-west side of the city centre.
  • Velo Culture has a shop & workshop just to the west of the centre of Porto, plus another outlet in Matosinhos.
  • Velo Invicta Capas PenedasShop in the historic centre – sells bikes, accessories and has a workshop. Recommended by Els, who said repair man António sorted out her bent handlebars: “Would definitely recommend for your list.”
  • Velurb – offers bike hire and repairs as well as a shop for spares etc. On the NE side of city centre. 

There’s also another BikeZone (near Matosinhos) and a Decathlon, plus several SportZone outlets around the city.


  • Biciadus repairs, maintains and sells bikes, plus spares and accessories. Just off the N13 to the south of the centre.
  • Bike Point is a Specialized dealer, with workshop, on the N13 going north from town.
  • Belcor Bicicletas is near the centre of town, just north of the harbour
  • Recicleta sells new and used bikes and has a repair shop. On the N13 just south of the centre of town.


  • Lavarinhas Biciletas is run by former top Portuguese road racer Rui Lavarinhas and is on the N202 just metres from Stress Off Bikes.
  • Stress Off Bikes is a bike, running and coffee shop on the N202 just north-east of the centre.  
  • Via Bike is on the southern side of the Rio Lima, next to the N13.
  • Viana Cycles is on the northern side of town and sells and repairs bikes

VILA NOVA DE GAIA: See Beiras section below.


There’s also a BikeZone near the town centre and a SportZone in a shopping centre out to the south-east.

VILA VERDE: Benjamim Bike Shop is an Orbea dealer in this small town north of Braga.

The Beiras

AGUEDA: Orbita – is another shop recommended by Portuguese cyclist João Jorge Araύjo.

ALBERGARIA-A-VELHA: There are three shops in town. RC Bike on the N16-2 coming into town from the south, Brinco Bike on Rua Prof. Egas Moniz and Bike Vendas going out of town on the N16-2 to the east.

AVEIRO: There are a number of bike shops in the the town centre, including BiUrbanPernalongaRide My Bike and Subway Bikes – plus a BikeZone shop and a Decathlon.

Out towards the coast, Bikezigen is in Gafanha de Nazaré.

COIMBRA: Lider Bike –  The shop’s website no longer seems to be working but – if it’s still open – it’s at Av. Elísio de Moura 373. Francisco and other staff speak English. Stocks a large range of parts and very helpful. Highly recommended by Andy Smallwood.

CycleSpace is an Orbea dealer on the NE side of the city.

And there’s a BikeZone outlet and a Decathlon in Taveiro, out to the west of Coimbra.

CASTELO BRANCO: AmieiroBikes is on the eastern side of town and sells clothes, parts etc. There’s also a Decathlon on the southern edge of town.

ESPINHO: RegiaBike is an independent bike shop offering all kinds of repairs and maintenance. On the north side of town – just across the road from the municipal campsite.

FEIRA: Bicineves is an Orbea dealer in this small town north of Aveiro.

FUNDÃO: Catebike is a local Orbea dealer that also sells accessories and has a workshop.

GUARDA: Three options that I know of:

GarBike – is a Specialized dealer in São Miguel de Guarda, a suburb on the north side of the town (to NW of station).

Pirry Sport Bike – no idea what the shop’s like but Facebook page has address details and opening hours.

There’s also a Decathlon.

ILHAVO: Pabol is an Orbea dealer and bike accessory shop out on the coast in Gafanha do Carmo to the west of Ilhavo – also sells some used/second-hand items.

LAMEGO: LSC ProBike is a KTM dealer near the centre of town.

LEIRIA: LeiriBike is on Rua de Nazaré to the north of the city centre and sells spares and components for road and mountain bikes, as well as clothing.

Icon Bike Store, to the west of the city centre on Rua dos Mártires, is a mountain bike and BMX specialist.

There’s also another BikeZone some way to the south of town and a Decathlon to the north-east.

VALE DE CAMBRA: RP Bike Shop is on the N328 near the municipal market in the centre of town.

VILA NOVA DE FOZ CÔA: Cilomotores Teixeira repairs bikes, as well as scooters and agricultural machinery. Just to south of town centre.

VILA NOVA DE GAIA: Options include Orbea dealer Fasa Bikes, plus a BikeZone and a Decathlon.

VISEU: There are several options here: 

Bicitec is an Orbea dealer that also has a workshop. In Abraveses on north side of town. (Website not working in May 2019).

CicloViriato sells bikes & accessories and has a workshop. Just to north of old town, near Viriato’s Camp.

Viselbi is a bike shop and Shimano service centre on Av. Dr. António José de Almeida – just north of the bus station.

VisProBike is positioned right at the start of the Ecopista do Dão. 

There’s also a BikeZone on the south side of town, a Decathlon off to the south, and two SportZones – one south of town at the Palacio de Gelo shopping centre and one just north next to a Continente supermarket.

Lisbon & Central

ALCOBAÇA: Has a Decathlon Express store.

BATALHA: Leiribike is a dealer for several major bike brands, as well as selling clothing. It also has its own workshop and is on an industrial site just off the N1 north of Batalha.

BENEDITA: Benebike is a cycling “mega store” in a small village on the N1 to the north of Rio Maior.

CALDAS DA RAINHA: SuperAdrenalina stocks Mondraker and Ghost mountain bikes, and also has a workshop. WestBike is a Specialized dealer on the north side of town (with a second branch in Torres Vedras). There’s also a BikeZone shop here.

CASCAIS: Avalanche is on the western side of Cascais, just off the main N247 – strategically positioned by the start of the Cascais-Guincho cycleway! Offers a repair service as well as bikes, spares and clothing.

There’s also a Decathlon store out to the north.

ERICEIRA: Bike Garage is a Kona Bikes dealer. It also offers workshop services by appointment – plus a pick-up/delivery service for bike repairs.

FIGUEIRO DOS VINHOS: Jackie Green recommends Evaristo Alves Dias in this small town north of Tomar – not a specialist bike shop but nice people who speak English and serviced her bike!

LISBON: See also Cascais and Sintra entries.

Cenas A Pedal – for touring bikes and accessories, and a good mechanic, check us out in Lisboa (shop’s own info). Also highly recommended by João Jorge Araύjo, who rates them as undoubtedly one of the best stores you can find in Portugal”.

Loja Das Bicicletas – which translates as ‘bicycle shop’! – is highly recommended by Barrie Pearce, who says “great mechanics, I always use this shop”. In the Benfica area, near the Colombo shopping centre.

Kombina – is very close to the main Lisboa Oriente train station (and only a couple of km) from the airport so could be very useful for arriving/departing cyclists – particularly as they will take care of shipment and assembly of bikes, as well as offering servicing and repairs. Recommended by David Wright, who was swiftly got back on the road by Kombina after a minor accident left him with a broken rear mech.

Lisbon Bike Shop is in Benfica, out beyond the football stadium and hospital. Also does bike rental through the Go Cycling Portugal network.

Salva Biclas is also in Benfica and has a workshop.

There’s also a BikeZone and a Decathlon.

ODIVELAS: Just north of Lisbon, there’s another BikeZone here.

SANTAREM: Ofimoto is a bike shop on the N3 just north of town – ignore the map on the shop’s own Facebook page! There’s also a Decathlon store.

SÃO JOÃO DAS LAMPAS: The BIKE Shop is described as an outdoor and sporting goods shop – also stocks Polish bike brand Zumbi.

SETUBAL: Legend Bikes is close to the centre of town. Recommended by Bruno, who said: “Great place specialises in BMX and Enduro. Also very good in maintenance.”

Also another Decathlon here and a BikeZone. See also Vila Nogueira below.

SINTRA: Funbike is a Trek dealer with one shop here and another at Boliqueime in the Algarve. Also does bike hire. There’s also a Decathlon nearby.


Casa Josil is in the old town (next to Spar mini-market) – second-hand bikes, accessories and some clothes. (When I went in looking for a Portugal cycling jersey, the proprietor couldn’t help but gave me a free pair of Josil cycling club socks!)

Dropzone is on Av. Norton de Matos (N110) in the modern part of town to the east of the river – ignore the location marker on their Facebook page!

Ultra Pedal is another 700m out of town – also on the main N110.

There’s also a SportZone out of town to the south-east.

TORRES VEDRAS: Move Free is a Scott and Trek dealer on a street just off the main park. WestBike is a Specialized dealer on Av. General Humberto Delgado (with a second branch in Caldas da Rainha).

VILA NOGUEIRA DE AZEITÃO: N10 Bike is just off the road of the same name in the centre of Azeitão, to the north of Setubal. Dealer for a number of major brands.

The Alentejo

BEJA: Beja Bike Store is very conviently placed – just to the south of the historic centre. Has a workshop plus cycle clothing, parts and some used bikes.

There’s also a SportZone a bit further out of town. 

CASTRO VERDE: BikeZone – in the centre of town opposite the Hotel Vila Verde. Canadian rider Jane Hammingh described them as “extremely helpful“. 

ELVAS: HobbyZone Bikes – in Rua de Portalegre to the SW of the old town, off the main N4.

ESTREMOZ: BiciAventura – right in the centre of town, on the southern side of the big Jardim Municipal. Open Mon-Fri and Saturday mornings. Recommended by Dave, who said: “Two great guys with good knowledge and very professional in all aspects. A truly pleasurable experience and at a very reasonable price.”

ÉVORA: Three options in town:

Ciclofreca – on the southern side of town on Rua Dr António José Almeida, on the corner next to the roundabout (with the bicycle sculptures!) at the junction of the N18 and the IP2. Sells and repairs bikes. Not much English spoken but helpful and cheap. Recommended by Mark Grimes – March 2017.

D’Bike is just to the south-west of the old town, close to the hospital. Also does bike rental through the Go Cycling Portugal network. Has some second-hand bikes and parts. Recommended by Pedal Portugal, also by touring cyclists Matt & Debby Goodman, who said mechanic Daniel was “extremely supportive as well as knowledgeable”, doing an excellent job of setting their bikes up for a tour of the Alentejo.

Galacio Bike – on Rua do Escoral, a side road on the eastern side of town. Recommended by Rob Watkins who had his pedals fixed here!

There’s also a Decathlon just out of town.

GRANDOLA: Bicicletas Liberato is quite central.

MOURA: Beirão Bikes-Motas – mainly deals with motorbikes, scooters and other mechanical items but also has a limited range of bike spares. Very helpful but no English spoken.

ODEMIRA: Litoral Byke – a combined cycle and computer store in Boavista dos Pinheiros, a village out to the SW of town. It’s a small place but helpful and with a workshop. Owner Armindo Benedito speaks good English and also offers a bike pickup and repair service in case you break down anywhere within a 50km radius. Recommended by Pedal Portugal.

PORTALEGRE: MP1 Bikes – Specialized dealer located on industrial estate to south of town. Recommended by Pedal Portugal  – good workshop and helpful, English-speaking owner.

PORTO ALTO: See Samora Correira below.

REGUENGOS DE MONSARAZ: Bicifiasco – small shop in what looks at first glance like a private house on the south side of the N256 as it comes into town from Évora (close to the Galp petrol station).

SAMORA CORREIRA: Ribapedal is on the N118 near the centre of this small town – also shows on some maps as Porto Alto

SETUBAL: There’s also a BikeZone here and a Decathlon.

SINES: Plano B is close to the old centre of town.

RP Bike – unfortunately appears to have closed down.

VILA NOVA DE SANTO ANDRE: Banza & Coelho is a motorbike and bike shop in this small town on the coast north of Sines.

The Algarve

ALCANTARILHA: LifeBikes Algarve has a repair shop and is highly recommended by Svenja, who said: “The owner really knows his way about bikes, and could even help me with my belt drive. He fixed both our bikes and was honest about what needed to be done. Additional plus: he let us stay during the repair, and explained everything to us so that we could do some fixes on our own next time.”

ALJEZUR: Hashtag Bike Rentals can also help with bike maintenance and some spares.

ALTE: Germano is a bike cafe that also has a workshop and stocks a quirky range of cycling-related clothing and 

BOLIQUEIME: Funbike is a Trek dealer with one shop here and another at Sintra near Lisbon. Also does bike hire. (Scroll down for Boliqueime location and contacts.)

FARO: G-Ride Bike – Also has a shop in Portimão. All the staff speak English. Stocks a large range of parts and will endeavour to help you out in any way they can. Recommended by Andy Smallwood.

Decathlon has a store just off the N125 on the west of the city going out towards the airport. Not huge but has some spares and limited workshop facilities. The nearby Forum Algarve shopping centre has a SportZone, which again has a workshop, and a Jumbo supermarket that stocks some cycle spares like tubes, tyres (including some not stocked by Decathlon) and puncture repair kits.

GUIA: Bike Sul is a KTM dealer with a workshop, plus spares and rental bikes. Just off the N125. Also with a shop in Messines.

LAGOS: Xtreme Lagos – tucked away in a modern building just outside the old city walls on a hill above the old town. Specialized and Scott dealer. Very friendly (and English speaking) with plenty of cycling gear, plus a well-equipped workshop at the back. Only open weekdays. Recommended by Pedal Portugal and Michiel van Dam.

Manuel Das Bicicletas – right in the centre of town, on Rua Dr. António J. Almeida 10/12, close to Gil Eanes square. This traditional bike shop (also does repairs and hire) has been in Lagos for more than 50 years. Michiel van Dam says: “Not a fancy place, old fashioned. Manuel knows his business- recommended.” Open Monday to Saturday.

NEAR LAGOS: Ben, who lives in Barão de São João, north-west of Lagos, describes himself as a fully qualified CyTech level 3 mechanic with a fully-equipped Park Tool workshop, plus a stock of bits, and a welder living down the road. He says he is always happy to help any passing touring cyclists – or can come to you if required for emergency repairs. He is not a business and would help out on an exchange/donation basis.

If you need help, contact Ben at or on (00351) 963 619 078. Ben adds that he lives in a small wooden house outside the village and is happy for respectful tourers to camp for the night if needed, although he can only offer a shower in summer months as he has no hot water. Ben adds: “It’s always nice to hear stories of people’s bike adventures.”

LOULÉ: There are several options here and in the surrounding area.

Duas Rodas – close to the centre of town, due south of the bus station, on Rua Primero de Dezembro. Sells Basque brand Orbea.

Freebike – is a Specialized dealer a bit further out, south-east from the town centre.

In the area around Quatro Estradas/Pereiras, which is just off the N125 and about 8km roughly SW of town (closer to Loulé’s railway station) there are two more bike shops: S-Bikes and Bikeland.  Due south of town, in Almancil, there is Martin’s E-bike (which also sells ordinary bikes). All of these latter three also do cycle rental.

MESSINES: Bike Sul is a KTM dealer with a workshop, plus spares and rental bikes. Just on the western side of the town centre.

OLHÃO: There are a couple of options here – thanks to John Shepherd for the information.

Like A Pro (formerly known as NV Bikes) has a large branch on the N125, which is the main road through town. Their workshop seems to be fully equipped, and pretty well state of the art if the stock of bikes is anything to go by, according to John Shepherd. Lots of accessories and spares. At least some of the staff speak English.

On The Rocks builds up fixed-wheel bikes, so clearly has some form of workshop. Bikes (including Portugal’s own Yé-Yé bikes) for sale, and spares. John Shepherd says: “No-one speaking English when I was there, but very helpful and enthusiastic.”

There’s also a traditional Portuguese bike shop at Avenida da República 90/92 (next to Café Ice), where they speak no English but definitely seem to know their stuff.

John Shepherd says: “During my first contact with the guy who runs it, he magicked up a rim tape (crafted from an old inner tube) and charged me €0.50. A few weeks later, I returned with terminal failure of my Sram Gripshift gear changer, and he found 8-speed Shimano trigger shifters in his loft, and fitted them within an hour. Recommended – but don’t expect bang up-to-date stock!”

The shop has no signs outside, just two doors open when its open. Closed Saturday afternoons. Some very cheap new bikes for sale, and some secondhand ones hanging up inside.

PORTIMÃO: G-Ride Bike – Also has a shop in Faro. Recommended as “first rate and very helpful” by George Smith – who lives in Portugal and uses them all the time. 

Also highly recommended by Pedal Portugal: friendly, very well-stocked and English-speaking. Helped me out twice on a recent guided tour when riders had problems with bikes they’d brought with them. 

OneBike – closer to the town centre, this Cube, Orbea & Trek dealer is on a side road (Rua Cidade de Darnão) that runs parallel to the main road south of the Portimão Retail Center and the Aqua Centro Commercial. Also rents bikes and has a workshop. Recommended by Michiel van Dam and Kathy Thomas.

Leslie Meehan adds: “Rui…has been absolutely terrific. Great guy, honest, good mechanic and proficient English speaker. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Back in the States I was led to believe I needed a new bottom bracket. Rui checked mine out and said, ‘I would love to change out your bottom bracket because I make money, but you do not need one. Yours is just fine.'”

There’s also a Decathlon on the north-west edge of town.

SAGRES: Sagres Bicycle & Company – new shop on the main road into town. Mechanic/owner Bruno Silva covers from Sagres to Lagos and up the coast to Aljezur – for a breakdown service contact 00351 918 471 545 or Some excellent reviews online.


TAVIRA: Abilio Bikes sells Trek and Orbea bikes, plus has good in-store mechanics. Also does bike hire. Recommended by Michiel van Dam. 

39 thoughts on “Bike Shops & Mechanics”

  1. MTB Portugal in Vila Cha, Covas, Coimbra region, helped me get some quick repairs, you may want to add them also.

  2. Galacio Bikes in Evora did a great job replacing a broken spoke on my bike, putting a new chain and rear brake pads on my wife’s bike and tuning them both up to allow us to continue our bike tour through Portugal.

  3. I’m new to the Portimao, Portugal area, in from The States, and have been dealing with the “One Bike” shop in Portimao. The fellow there, Rui by name, has been absolutely terrific. Great guy, honest, good mechanic and proficient English speaker. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Back in The States I was led to believe I needed a new bottom bracket. Rui checked mine out and said, “I would love to change out your bottom bracket because I make money, but you do not need one. Yours is just fine.”

  4. Hi Huw, i will be cycling with my partner from Bristol to Lisbon arriving 7 September-19 and flying home to the UK a couple of days later. On arrival we were hoping to get in touch with a Local Bike Shop to have our bikes dismantled and packed into the new cardboard bike boxes which new bikes arrive in-store, for transport home to the UK. We did this last year when we cycled to Barcelona and it worked perfectly thanks to a friendly local store. Are you able to make a recommendation of a Bike shop in central Lisbon who speak English and would be happy to help us?

    1. Hi Michael.
      Sorry but I don’t have any personal recommendations.
      If you look at the list, Kombina offers a bike packing service.
      You will probably find someone in most bike shops who speaks at least some English – and the Portuguese are generally really helpful.

  5. RegiaBike is an independent shop with all types of repairs and maintenance in Espinho, some 20km south of Porto. It is located on Rua 62, 762 (corner of 62nd and 28th streets)

  6. In Portimão my favourite bikeshop is G-Ride. And for many other cyclists in Western Algarve too.

    However there’s another professional bikeshop, One Bike, dealer of Cube, Orbea and Trek.
    Not as far out of town, south of the Portimão Retail Center and the Aqua Centro Commercial.
    The GNR (police) is One Bike’s neighbour. Open Monday through Saturday 10-13 and 15-20 hours.
    Address: Lote 3 R/C Dto, Rua Cidade de Darnão. Also recommended..

  7. Vieguini in Porto does not do repairs, it’s mainly bike hire. Bicicletas Coelho is the place to go in Porto, a big shop with a workshop, fitted my new pedal crank in 10minutes and charged €5 for labour. Also spoke excellent English.

  8. Hi we are currently staying at camping alentejo near Estremoz and I neede a cycle shop for a tube and other bits and pieces and came across a shop in Estremoz centre. After stumbling across your page the previous day you came to mind after my visit to the shop and thought it would be a great addition to your parts and service section. The name of the shop is Biciaventura ( ). Tel 268323404 / 967334781.
    Largo General Graca N80 degree- Estremoz.
    Two great guys with good knowledge and very professional in all aspects. A truly pleasurable experience and at a very reasonable price.

  9. On this sites recommendation,took my bike for a service and new brakes to Litoral Byke in Odemira. Very efficient service from Armindo and his mechanic. Helpful and welcoming.

    1. I also had a great experience with the Litoral Byke in Odemira. Very efficient replacement of my rear derailleur and happy to meet me. Thanks for recommending them.

  10. Hi Chris
    130 euros for a six-week period sounds a pretty good deal.
    On the other hand, if you just want to pick up a cheap bike I think a look around the supermarkets would still be a possibility. I think most of the bigger places often have bikes for sale.
    Otherwise the Decathlon in Faro would be my other thought. Their bikes are generally pretty decent for the price.
    Other option might be to see if you can find some ex-pat forum on Facebook. You might also be able to sell any bike on when you’ve finished with it.
    Best of luck.

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