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Cycling is extremely popular in Portugal – with both lycra-clad roadies (estrada) and mud-covered mountain bikers (BTT) a common sight at the weekend, particularly around the bigger towns. 

Lots of cycling clubs exist but – surprise, surprise – they are mainly Portuguese so unless you’re fluent in the language getting in touch (and communicating on rides) may not be that simple.

Nonetheless, this new page aims to include details of as many cycling (and cycling-related) organisations and clubs in Portugal that I can find.

There aren’t many so far but as ever, it’s an ongoing project and I would love to hear from anyone with details of other clubs or organisations – whatever their size and nature! Please leave a comment/details in the box at the bottom of this page.

Clubs/organisations are listed with national ones top and then by region: Northern Portugal, the Beiras, Lisbon & Central, the Alentejo and the Algarve. 


Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo (FPC) – Founded in 1899, the Portuguese Cycling Federation is the oldest sports federation in the country. The organisation is responsible for the “co-ordination, regulation and development” of cycling, for both competitive and non-competitive riders. Its website is in Portuguese only.

iSport Cycling – this site sets out to provide listings of clubs in towns across Portugal (and other countries). It’s a bit hit-and-miss as some of the links don’t work, but others contain contact details, telephone numbers and emails.

Portuguese Federation of Cycle Tourism & Bicycle Users – FPCUB is a non-governmental environmental organisation working at a national level and a member of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).

It was set up in 1987 and, according to its website, the purpose of FPCUB “is to defend the environment, defend and promote the cultural, historical and archaeological heritage by promoting cycling as a form of sustainable mobility (as well as users), and the development of the ecotourism practice of leisure, maintenance and tourism, representing it internationally and in Portugal”.

Another website that’s only in Portuguese – although it does have a list of ‘eventos on its calendar, including BTT and road events.

Randonneurs Portugal – includes details of events, membership and events for randonneurs – or Audax for UK and Australian cyclists. The site is in Portuguese only but includes a calendar of events. The group also has its own YouTube page with videos from previous events.


ALPHA Cycling Club – based in Rio de Mouro, a suburb of Lisbon near Sintra.

Silvercoasters – Small club offering organised rides around the Silver Coast area of Portugal (north of Lisbon, roughly from Peniche to beyond Nazaré).


FPC – Delegação do Algarve – part of the FPC (see above), the site includes a (Portuguese-only) calendar of cycling events for estrada and BTT. There is a button to click for an English language part of the site but this only seems to have details of the Volta ao Algarve, which is the annual professional race generally held in late February.

Cycling Algarve – this appears to be a blog using a very, very similar web address to the local FCP site listed above. It also doesn’t seem to have been updated since late 2015 but is in English and includes an article on “the steepest hills in portugal to bicycle up and down”.


6 thoughts on “Cycling Clubs & Organisations

  1. Hi, thanks so much for this information! I’m a road cyclist from Australia who is traveling to Portugal for the world university Games! I’m in porto 10th-19th of July, Lisbon 19th -29th of July and braga 29th july -5th of august. Just wondering if you know of any cycling clubs / cyclists I could contact to train with in those areas or some good 50-100km routes that avoid heavy traffic. Thanks again!

    • Hi Ruby. I’m from Australia and based in Lisbon for now. I’m also a cyclist (though not serious/ competitive – more touring). I’m keen to do some rides around the Lisbon area too, if you want a buddy. Email is

  2. We are visiting San Martinho Do Porton August 16 – 23.
    We would like to hire 4 bikes please.

    Let me know if you can deliver the bikes to us and collect them.

    Thank You

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