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Pedal Portugal is here to help and this is the right page if you’ve got specific questions. In which case, please scroll down, read the notes and complete the Advice Form below.

BUT – please note: This website is a one-man operation and there are only so many hours in the day – plus I’m often away on tour – so don’t be offended if you don’t get a detailed or instant reply. 

And BEFORE you contact me, please read my TOP 10 TIPS on cycling in Portugal and check the Planning section to see if your questions have already been answered. You can also find information on different areas of Portugal under the Day Rides heading.

Also – even though I’d very much like to – I can’t cycle every road in Portugal, test every hotel and campsite etc. 

So, fellow cyclists, I need you to share your knowledge. Whether it’s an excellent touring route you’ve discovered or a helpful bike shop, your information might improve someone else’s trip.

If you’ve got anything to share, please either use the Leave A Reply box at the bottom of the page to pass on your advice or email me at

Thank you! Huw Thomas

Advice Form

If you have specific questions related to cycling in Portugal, please fill out the form below.

Please give as much information as possible. Questions like ‘what’s the best route from A to B?‘ are like asking ‘how long’s a piece of string?’

There is no charge for this service* and I will reply as soon as I can but response rates will depend on how your question and how busy I am. (I also can’t answer everything but will try to at least point you in the right direction.)

*I do offer a Route Planning Service if you’re after more than just the answers to a simple question or two.


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14 thoughts on “Ask & Share”

  1. Huw,

    Do you have a hotel you partner with in Lisbon? We are planing a trip and are looking for a recommendation of a hotel we can start and end with. We would like to leave our bike boxes there for the 12 days we will be out touring. Suggestions?


    1. Hi David.
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been on the road with a cycle tour so life has been very busy!
      However, simple answer is no. Sorry but I don’t partner with any particular hotel and we don’t operate out of Lisbon. (Way too busy.)
      But from my experience most hotels are pretty helpful and most will have some kind of storage area. I would suggest finding a hotel you like the sound of and contacting them direct.
      Cheers, Huw

  2. Huw

    Nice resource website.

    For our trip, celebrating our retirement, my wife Lisa put markers on a map of potentially intersting places. We then started researching routes to connect our intended highlights and came upon your routes. A great collection of helpful background and bike information for planning and traveling.

    In summary we started in Evora, wandered down to Monsarez and then up the east border with modifications to you Castle tours until the Duoro. From Pocinho we trained, biked, and boated down to Porto, then biking north to the border to complete our adventure.

    If you are interested I will forward to your email our gpx tracks for each day. I will also provide some of our waypoints to include a few more bicycle shops and our accomodations (including two campgrounds) to add to your repository.

    We really enjoyed Portugal. Keep up the good work.

    While biking, keep the rubber side down.

    1. Hi Jerry
      Great to hear from you and delighted that the website helped with your adventure. I’d love to hear more – particularly regarding bike shops, campgrounds etc.
      If you feel like writing an account of your trip for my blog, I’m sure there would be lots of other cyclists who would like to read about your ride.
      All the best, Huw

  3. Huw, just a clue on maps. We were just in Évora on Friday and picked up a great road map of the Alentejo area from the rota dos vinhos do. It cost three euros but comes with the benefit of 9 wine tastings. Day 2 of our trip, rainy but enjoyable, in Monsaraz and on to Serpa tomorrow.

  4. We were aiming to take the N251 to get onto the Ramal de Mora but a lot of trucks show on street view, as per Kim Purdy. I guess it’s a rat run from Estremoz to north of Lisbon but it’s a fairly low grade road for the traffic with no shoulders.
    Don’t suppose it’s been upgraded Coruche to Pavia since 2014.?
    Paul Stewart.

    1. Hi Paul
      Sorry for the delay in replying – was away for the weekend.
      I presume you’re coming from Lisbon direction?
      I haven’t been along that stretch recently but I rode NW from Pavia in October. It was fairly busy but not unbearable – occasional trucks rather than a constant stream. I seem to remember there was a decent shoulder in some parts.
      If this message isn’t too late, email me at with where you’re coming from and going to and I might be able to make some useful suggestions. (Can’t promise how useful!)
      Cheers, Huw

  5. We (two Canadians in our senior years) have just finished 3 weeks of cycling Portugal unsupported and wanted to say how appreciative we are of the help we got from the pedalportugal web site.
    I wanted to make a suggestion to fellow peddlers who are cycling the Algarve. Don’t automatically rule out the n125 road especially if you need to cover longer distances fast. It has some pros including wide shoulders, good pavement, and well graded hills. Granted the heavy traffic is very annoying but it stays off the shoulders. We covered 70 km in about 4 hours with very few stops.
    Happy cycling.

    1. Fair comment. I’ve ridden parts of the N125 myself.
      I’d suggest the western (beyond Lagos) and eastern (beyond Tavira) ends are also safer as they get a lot less traffic than the middle.
      The time of year is also a factor – if you’re out of the main tourist season the traffic everywhere will be a lot lighter.
      Glad the site was useful!

  6. Hi Huw
    Thanks for replying. As for bikes on the train from Pinhao to Pocinho, we were told by the the ticket agent at the train station in Pinhao that they were no longer allowed on this route.
    Cheers, Kim

  7. Hello
    My husband and I have just returned from 5 weeks of cycling in Portugal. I just wanted to write you with a few comments/observations.
    First, I wanted to mention a lovely 14.5 km cycling path from Guimaraes to Fafe. It is on an old rail line. Second, the train that runs from Pinhoa to Pocinho no longer takes bicycles, as of last year.
    Cycling north of Evora the N251 between Pavia and Coruche was very busy with constant large truck traffic, at one point 5 in a row flew past us on a road with no shoulders.
    All in all we loved Portugal, the people, the pastries, the wine and the scenery, but to be honest, I don’t know if I would go there to cycle again, mainly because of the traffic and the speed with which people drive.
    Just my 2 cents worth,

    1. Hi Kim
      Really sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience with the traffic.
      I agree that Portuguese drivers aren’t the best but I’ve spent more than three years cycling there and to be honest I’d much rather take Portuguese roads over British ones. I think they are much more dangerous – mainly because of the volume of traffic but also the occasional idiots.
      Glad you liked Portugal otherwise. I’ll update with your comments on the cycle path etc. Regarding the ban on bikes on the train – was this something you were told by locals or train staff? (I’ve learnt not to believe everything I’m told in Portugal!)
      Thanks for taking the time to add your 2 cents worth!
      Cheers, Huw

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