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Share Your Favourite Ride

I’ve been tidying up the Day Rides section of Pedal Portugal – and now I’d like you to help by sending me some more ideas for favourite rides.

Idanha 03
1. Looking towards Idanha-a-Velha, with the castle at Monsanto in the distance

This part of the website lists my ideas for various one-off bike rides – plus a few shorter touring options.

I must admit it’s a fairly random selection. All are rides I’ve done in different parts of the country over the last 10 or 11 years. (Gulp! Has it really been that long?)

2. Beach shack at Praia da Monte Clerigo

The entries are broken down into different sections – Northern Portugal, the Beiras, Alentejo etc.

There’s a general bit of waffle about what each bit of the country is like to visit and for cycling, and then links to details of each ride.

Arrabida Hills - coast
3. Arrabida coast, west of Setubal

For each ride I’ve tried to provide an overview, an idea of the distance and difficulty, notes on things like shops, cafes and accommodation, plus links to a map and a more detailed description of the ride.

Rabagao 01
4. Riding around the Rabagao reservoir

Because some of the rides date to the very early days of this website, back in the mists of 2010, the presentation and amount (or lack) of detail is quite varied.

I’ve recently been trying to tidy up the notes on each ride – adding in a few more pictures as well as updating descriptions where I know things have changed. Like all those new roundabouts on the N125 down in the Algarve.

Tavira & Guadiana 02
5. Tavira waterfront early morning

The job’s not finished as I still haven’t had time to sort out the rides in the Alentejo section. Some of the write-ups here are pretty basic but more importantly, the map links no longer work.

My original Alentejo maps were done using Google Maps and somewhere along the way – probably during some Google update – these have stopped working. Grrrrr. So, at some point, I need to redraw them using RideWithGPS. Which seems more reliable and useful for these purposes.

New Alentejo maps are on my to-do list. Unfortunately that’s quite a long list and I’m going to be off on my bike for most of the next four or five weeks so I’ve no idea when it will happen.

6. Castle at Penedono (pictured in January)

In the meantime, I’d love to add to these listings with some rides from other people who love cycling in Portugal. So, if you’ve got a favourite ride you’d like to share, please get in touch.

You don’t have to write an epic, simply email with a link to a map, a bit of description and – if at all possible – a few pictures so other riders can see that the attraction is.   

And if any of the picures on this page have got caught your fancy, below are the links for the relevant rides:

  1. Idanha-a-Velha
  2. Monte Clerigo beach
  3. Arrabida coast
  4. Rabagao reservoir
  5. Tavira waterfront
  6. Penedono castle


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