On The Road

Now you’ve decided to come cycling in Portugal. Hopefully this section  – once complete! – should include anything else you might need to know while you’re in the country:

Shops – opening hours and where to buy provisions. (Coming soon.)

Spares & Repairs – finding a good bike shop or non-standard spares can be tricky

Transport – advice on travelling around (with your bike) on plans, trains and ferries

3 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. Hi Huw, we have planned and booked two months from Faro to San Sebastián. In Portugal, there are a lot of one way streets. The EV1 route uses many of them, but is only marked in one direction. Can we cycle the wrong way on these one way streets, like you usually can in France?

    • Hi there. Generally, yes. The Portuguese aren’t too hung up on road rules when it comes to bikes. Just be sensible and take care as car drivers won’t give way to you! One other word of warning – the EV1 route in Portugal is a real mixed bag. Some is well marked, some is hardly marked at all. There are also some bits on dirt tracks!

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