Where to stay

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for visitors and offers accommodation options at both ends of the price (and comfort) scale.

For those on a budget, places to camp (see below) can be as cheap as €5-10 a night, while private rooms (quartos) and basic B&Bs (pensoes) can range from €20-40, depending on where you are and the time of year.

If you don’t mind paying more for a room then €50 upwards will generally get you a double room with a private bathroom and include breakfast. Generally speaking, the more you pay, the better the room (and the breakfast). Again, prices will vary depending on the time of year and whether you are on the coast or somewhere quiet.

Out of season, it’s also possible to get good deals on holiday apartments – whether for one night or several. There are often good last-minute deals on sites like Booking.com

Alternatively, staying with people through a hospitality network like Warmshowers or Couchsurfing (see below) can also make a pleasant change and provide an opportunity to get to know more about the area.

These are some general ideas. See the Accommodation entry under Directory & Listings for specific information – and please don’t forget to add to the listings if you know of anywhere that’s worth adding.

There’s also a glossary of useful Portuguese words and phrases relating to accommodation.

Hospitality networks

Warmshowers is “a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists”. We’ve used it in a number of countries and met many lovely people. 

CouchSurfing is another internet-based hospitality network. Never used it personally but many others seem to think it’s great. 


Portugual’s campsites (or camping grounds if you prefer) can be heaving in July and August – that’s when most Portuguese people to go on holiday. Other times of the year you can find huge sites with only a handful of people using them. Camping in Portugal is cheap.

Pedal Portugal is now home to the most extensive list of Portuguese campsites in existence. (That’s my claim unless anyone can tell me of anything better). As of October 2021 there are more than 220 sites listed.

If anyone knows of other campsites – or has comments on any listed – please let me know! Use the ‘Leave A Reply’ box below or email pedalportugal@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Where to stay”

  1. Is wild camping allowed? We are cycling from Lisbon to Faro over 8 days in July. (I know, we’re crazy) and wondered if it is easy to camp along that coastal route. Thanks.

    1. Yes… cycling in July is more than a bit crazy!
      Wild camping is generally ignored/tolerated if you are sensible about where you camp and for how long.
      Plenty of people do it. I think that officially the coast between Lagos and Vila Nova de Milfontes is all part of the Vicentina Natural Park, so wild camping is not allowed. But there are lots of beaches and quiet corners…
      Also, if you just ask at a farm if it is okay to put your tent up for one night, they will often say yes. Just don’t leave a mess.

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