Where To Stay

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for visitors and offers accommodation options at both ends of the price (and comfort) scale.

For those on a budget, it’s fairly easy to find campsites (see below) for less than 10 Euros a night, while private rooms (quartos) and basic B&Bs (pensaos) can come in at under 30 Euros.

Out of season, it’s also possible to get good deals on holiday apartments – whether for one night or several. It’s also worth looking for last minute deals online at sites like Booking.com

Staying with people through a hospitality network like Warmshowers or Couchsurfing (see below) can also make a pleasant change and provide an opportunity to get some local knowledge.

These are some general ideas. See the Accommodation entry under Directory & Listings for specific information – and please don’t forget to add to the listings if you know of anywhere that’s worth adding.

There’s also a glossary of useful Portuguese words and phrases relating to accommodation.

Hospitality networks

Warmshowers is “a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists”. We’ve used it in a number of countries and met many lovely people. 

CouchSurfing is another internet-based hospitality network. Never used it personally but many others seem to think it’s great. 


Portuguese campsites can be heaving in July and August – that’s when most of Portugal seems to go on holiday. Other times of the year you can find huge sites with only a handful of people using them. Camping in Portugal is cheap.

I’m trying to develop a comprehensive list of Portuguese campsites – I’ve got 50+ sites listed as of February 2014 (and more coming).

If you know of other sites – or have comments on any listed – please let me know! Use the ‘Leave A Reply’ box below or email pedalportugal@gmail.com


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