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Camping In Portugal

Sitting here in England on 1st November, it’s hard to imagine going camping – but it’s 21 degrees and sunny in southern Portugal today!

Anyway, as part of my efforts to expand the Pedal Portugal site and make it more useful, I’ve been working on the list of campsites in Portugal.

Camping is generally a cheap option in Portugal for cyclists. Many sites don’t charge anything for bicycles – and even when they do it’s generally not a lot. You’ll often pay well under 10 Euros – even in high season – for one person, a bike and a small tent. For two people the price will probably be around 12 Euros.

The municipal campsite in Serpa - a lovely small town in the south eastern Alentejo.
The municipal campsite in Serpa – a lovely small town in the south eastern Alentejo.

Anyway, the current campsite list is a work in progress. If anyone out there knows of other sites I should add then please get in touch using the ‘Leave A Reply’ box at the bottom of this post – or email

I’m also keen to know more about what information visitors to this site need – you might not be interested in where to find campsites!

If you’ve got a minute spare, please fill in the short questionnaire below so I know what you want from this site. The more feedback I get, the better a resource this site will become for cyclists.

Cheers, Huw

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