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Unknown Roads

One of the great joys of cycling is that there are always new roads to explore. Even in an area or country you think you know well, an unfamiliar turn can lead to a previously undiscovered ride. I've explored a lot of Portugal: on my solo bike and our tandem, on foot and in cars.… Continue reading Unknown Roads

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Where To Lay Your Head

Some months ago I put a poll on the homepage of this site, asking people what they most wanted from it and I found one result quite surprising. Top of the poll - no shock here - was 28% wanting more information on long distance cycling routes. (I'm working on that and will continue to… Continue reading Where To Lay Your Head

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A New Touring Route

As well as updating and radically expanding Pedal Portugal's list of campsites, I've also been looking at the route descriptions. I've just added some basic details of an excellent north-south route from the Alentejo down into the Algarve - starting from Evora and ending up in Loule. It's a ride that takes in a number… Continue reading A New Touring Route

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Camping In Portugal

Sitting here in England on 1st November, it's hard to imagine going camping - but it's 21 degrees and sunny in southern Portugal today! Anyway, as part of my efforts to expand the Pedal Portugal site and make it more useful, I've been working on the list of campsites in Portugal. Camping is generally a… Continue reading Camping In Portugal

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Mud and rides

The rain arrived here yesterday. Torrential too - we went out cycling on Saturday afternoon and came back with the bikes coated with dust. Today we had to avoid a tractor scraping six inches of mud off the road! Still, the rain is probably a good thing. It's the first here for months and the… Continue reading Mud and rides

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Latest information

Following a query on Lonely Planet's Thorntree forum, I've added some information about taking bikes on trains in Portugal - look at the Transport section if you want to know more. I'm planning on adding some information about flying into Portugal with your bike but that's going to take some more research with the individual… Continue reading Latest information