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Following on from my recent post about the best time to come cycling in Portugal, I’m in the middle of giving an overhaul to Pedal Portugal’s Planning section.

Approaching the border with the Algarve in January - the palm trees are a clue.
Riding from Spain towards the border with the Algarve in January – the palm trees are a clue to the climate!

My aim with this site is to try and give the most comprehensive advice I can come up with for anyone thinking of coming to Portugal to go cycling.

Rather than have a long list of different pages, I’m trying to group them into three sections – Background for the basics, Practicalities for other useful information you might want to know before setting out – such as what roads to use and how easy it is to get cash out.

Finally, On The Road is for… well, other stuff that could prove useful once you’re here.

As part of the updates already made, I’ve added an initial Basic Facts page to the background section – a kind of ‘Geography 101’ section. I’ve also got rid of the old page about Weather & Climate and replaced it with a new section on When To Go & Weather. Other new information, includes a page on Money & Costs.

And to make it even easier to keep track of this developing site, I’ve added a new page called Latest Updates, where you can see… guess what? Yes, a list of what’s been added and when.

Oh, and as ever, if there’s anything that you think is missing from this site, please feel free to let me know – or add your own comments and tips to what’s already here.

2 thoughts on “Updates & Revisions”

  1. Hi Huw

    Rode the one day ride using your gpx download , Boliqueime circuit , mint route
    Just a heads up , after you come through Penina and then take a left turn for
    Rocha da Pena that road all the way to the cafe is more of a gravel track at present looks like it’s being prepared to be resurfaced , I ride a road bike and have managed to ride it ok in dry weather but if it is wet I would advise against it unless using a mountain bike . I’m based in Vilamoura and have decided to use the circuit as my training run .

    Cheers Steve

    1. Hi Steve
      Thanks for that warning. I knew the work was underway and thought it would have been finished by now…should have remembered that some things in Portugal work at a different speed!
      Glad the ride worked for you otherwise. If you know any other good rides that you’re willing to share, let me know!
      Cheers, Huw

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