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Oh Google Maps… Why, Why, Why?

Over the past few years I've spent many, many hours carefully putting together route maps for cyclists coming to Portugal and putting them on the Pedal Portugal website - but now Google seems to have messed up the lot! What is it with these companies that feel they have to keep changing things?  I used the old version… Continue reading Oh Google Maps… Why, Why, Why?

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What’s The Attraction?

One of my projects in the pipeline is to turn this website into a guidebook - both printed and e-book versions. (When that will actually happen, I'm not sure. Depends on how long the pipeline turns out to be!) In the meantime, though, I thought it might be useful to find out a bit more… Continue reading What’s The Attraction?

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Change Of Address

It's a landmark day here at Pedal Portugal - I've just gone all posh and bought my own domain name. That means the "wordpress" part of the site's address is no longer needed and - hurrah! - you can now just use (Which presumably you've already done if you're reading this!) Hopefully all the… Continue reading Change Of Address

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Open Roads

If you like wide open spaces, roads that stretch off into the distance... and not too much traffic, then the Alentejo has got to be one of the best parts of Portugal for cycling. Over the past couple of months, I've been giving the Pedal Portugal site a major overhaul - finally getting round to… Continue reading Open Roads

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Algarve Options

For a while, the Algarve was a bit of a blank space on this website - but I'm pleased to say that situation has now been rectified! Particularly as the Algarve has got to be one of the best places in Europe to go cycling in the winter or early spring. (Not so much in… Continue reading Algarve Options

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Going Social

Got a few updates for you today - the main one of which is that I've finally got round to setting up a Facebook page for Pedal Portugal. If you've got time, come and say hi (and like it if you like it!). I'll be using the page to keep people updated on any changes… Continue reading Going Social

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Give Me Facts!

There are obviously a lot of cyclists interested in coming to Portugal. That’s clear from the increasing number of hits on this site. Last year I was getting around 3-400 visitors and 1,500 page views per month. This month, I've already hit 500 visitors and almost 3,000 page views! The fact that Pedal Portugal is… Continue reading Give Me Facts!

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Time For A Rethink

I'm delighted! Hundreds of you fellow cyclists have been using this blog as a resource for planning your trips to Portugal. That's wonderful because it means my work hasn't been wasted. However, I've just discovered that I owe a huge apology to all those people who have tried - and failed! - to get in… Continue reading Time For A Rethink