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Where To Lay Your Head

Some months ago I put a poll on the homepage of this site, asking people what they most wanted from it and I found one result quite surprising.

Top of the poll – no shock here – was 28% wanting more information on long distance cycling routes. (I’m working on that and will continue to do so, promise.)

The second highest need, however, was nothing to do with where to buy puncture repair kits or asking what’s the Portuguese for ‘I’m lost, where’s the road to Lisbon?’

Instead, 18% of people want advice on accommodation.

After a long day cycling, this is the kind of bed of which dreams are made...
After a long day cycling, this is the kind of bed of which dreams are made…

Well, again this is going to be an ongoing task – and I doubt if I’ll ever be able to rival the likes of TripAdvisor – but I’m trying my best for you!

Under the site’s Directory & Links heading, I’ve set up two pages to help cyclists coming to Portugal who want to know where to lay their head. I don’t know if my Campsites page is the most comprehensive list of campsites in Portugal but I’m working at it – I’ve got 57 sites listed so far with as many details given as possible, including address, phone number, email, GPS co-ordinates, price etc – plus an interactive map.

A hot shower is also a welcome treat.
A hot shower is also a welcome treat.

Many of these sites you’ll find just by doing a Google search for ‘campsite near XXX’ but not all! I’ve tracked some down by looking at local council websites and other searches.

The other new page is for Rooms & Apartments. At the moment, this is at an early stage – I’m providing links to accommodation listings provided by local councils and tourist offices in towns that appear on rides and routes described on Pedal Portugal.

The next step – coming soon – is to expand on the general list with more specific details of accommodation offered in various places.

I’m happy to post recommendations from fellow cyclists – I’ll also be adding advertising from B&Bs, guesthouses etc that particularly want to appeal to cyclists. (Interested advertisers, please take a look at the Advertise page for further details.)

As ever, though, I want to continue making this site THE place to come for anyone interested in cycling in Portugal.

Unfortunately, I can’t ride every road in Portugal myself or try out every hotel – however much I’d like to try. So, please, if you’ve got any valuable info to share with fellow riders do let me know.

And keep telling me if there’s anything else you want to see on this site. All the best, Huw.

2 thoughts on “Where To Lay Your Head”

  1. Hi Huw
    Love your website and all the details. 2 years ago we cycle toured Portugal for a month and used some of your advice and info from this site. For accomodation we found the Portugal’s Tourismo Rural wonderful and very under utilized-although not advertized at all so difficult to find. 2 of these places were beautiful stone houses that were clean, comfortable and inexpensive. I think having more details about the Tourismo Rural on your site would be very beneficial for future travellers. We blogged about our adventures and put some details on our site which may be useful for you for your own site. I’ve posted the website below. Thanks again for all your info on this beautiful country. Happy Travels!

    1. Hi Jenn
      That’s really useful – thanks very much. I’ve stayed in a couple of Tourismo Rural properties myself and you’re right, they can be wonderful.
      I’ll have a look at your blog and may steal any useful info!
      Cheers, Huw

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