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New Route, New Schedule

A new list of Pedal Portugal guided cycle tours is now available, with planned dates looking as far ahead as June 2017.

May 16 - schedule 01
The gorgeous Arrabida coast – at the start of the Coastal Explorer Tour

The revised and updated itinerary for this autumn (fall) includes two guided biking tours of the Alentejo – the Border Castles Tour (departs 9th October) and the Alentejo Circuit (departs 23rd October). 


Also coming up in the autumn will be another new tour route. The Coastal Explorer is a 10-day biking trip that starts in Setúbal, just south of Lisbon, and takes in a real variety of both coastal and inland scenery as it zigzags down across the Alentejo and Algarve region before ending in Lagos. 

Departures for the Coastal Explorer are planned for 20th November 2016 and 29th January 2017.


May 16 - schedule 03
The beach at Odeceixe, pictured on the second Algarve Winter Tour in February

December sees the return of the popular Algarve Winter Tour, which will also run in January and February next year.


This was Pedal Portugal’s inaugural tour, with the two trips run in early 2016 proving a big hit with their riders. For reactions to this tour and the first Border Castles Trip, please check out the comments on the reviews page.

Typical quiet road on the Border Castles Tour

For anyone looking for an opportunity to do an early spring bicycling tour of Portugal, there will be more departures for the Alentejo Circuit (12th March 2017) and the Border Castles Tour (26th March).

After that, the second Eastern Explorer Tour, which runs from Guarda in the north of Portugal all the way down to Vila Real de Santo António in the far south-eastern corner of the Algarve, is due to depart on 30th April.

The final trip of the first half of 2017 will be the Northern Frontier Tour, which does a loop through some of the most scenic landscapes anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula. This guided tour sets off on 21st May.

Scroll down for a summary of the schedule below for all Pedal Portugal guided bicycling tours. Otherwise, please click on the links for prices and more details of the individual trips.

May 16 - schedule 05
Roadside pause in the Algarve countryside near Silves 

2016-17 Schedule 

Even in Portugal the sun is not guaranteed every day
May 16 - schedule 06
One of those border castles – looking east from Marvao


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