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Border Castles Tour – Photo Gallery


June BC 09
Sunshine, no traffic and lots of flowers – heading south through the Alentejo countryside

I’ve just been sent a whole load of pictures from one of the riders on the Border Castles Tour we ran in April. (Next one is in October.)

Previous posts have talked about this tour so I won’t write much. Instead I’ve picked out some of my favourite pictures. Thanks for sharing them, Bruce!  

June BC 01
Marcy gets ready for a hill on Day One – luckily it’s going down
June BC 02
The Pedal Portugal guides demonstrate synchronized pointing. (Pay attention Dan and Jennifer!)
June BC 03
Is it a pushmi-pullyu? No, just Dan and Judi with the tandem at Reguengos de Monsaraz
June BC 04
We didn’t sign up for rain!.. Jennifer, Amy and John take shelter in a castle doorway 
June BC 05
Improving weather on the way to Juromenha
June BC 06
Hmm, fine vintage. Huw trys to look as if he knows what he’s talking about
June BC 07
Dave and Marcy ask if they can have a room with a larger window next time. Particularly as they’ve locked themselves in their room!
June BC 08
Group pose by neolithic tomb near that day’s picnic stop
June BC 10
Dirt road on way out to the standing stones near Evora on the last day
June BC 11
We’ve made it! Huw and Carolyn celebrate getting everyone back to Evora.


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