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It’s All About The Experience

  For me, cycling has always been about much more than just turning the pedals and clocking up the miles (or kilometres), whether back home in England or touring through another country. That's why on the guided tours I'm running in Portugal I try to emphasise the fact that it's all about what we see - and… Continue reading It’s All About The Experience

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Saturday Ride

There are many reasons to love being in the Algarve in the winter - the lack of tourists, cheap wine, Portuguese cakes, almond blossom, being able to buy two large tuna steaks from the supermarket for less than €4.  And that's before I even get on to the cycling. One of the biggest draws has to be… Continue reading Saturday Ride

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Converted Technophobe?

I've always loved maps. When I was a kid I would spend hours drawing them - treasure maps, lost islands, occasionally whole countries. Sometimes they were doodles in the back of school notebooks when the lessons got boring, sometimes they turned into much more elaborate affairs. I've also always liked studying maps. As I got older, I would… Continue reading Converted Technophobe?