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Not quite the Yellow Pages but…

Headings are in alphabetical order. Click on the heading for the relevant listings.

None of the entries are paid for and we take no responsibility for the information – this is just what we think might be useful.

However, please let us know if you find any mistakes – or think anything should be removed or added to the listings.


Some general advice on the different options available whether you’re touring or just looking for someone to park up for a few nights. Plus more detailed information in the form of:

  • Campsites – probably the most extensive list of camping grounds you’ll find anywhere with details of around 140 sites listed and a searchable map
  • Rooms & Apartments – links to listings for towns across the country, plus details of specific hotels and guesthouses that offer bike-friendly services or have been recommended by other riders (Please note: this section is still under construction – add to it if you can)
  • Glossary – some useful Portuguese words to describe the different types of accommodation you might come across


Details of airlines flying in and out of Portugal from the UK & Eire. 


Details and contact information for companies offering bikes for hire. Includes two national companies, plus regional operators


Ideas for where to turn if you need spares and/or repairs for your bike when in Portugal. Includes online options… further recommendations always welcome


Information on some of the companies offering guided and self-guided cycling tours in Portugal – including Pedal Portugal!


Advice on where to buy maps online before you get there (a wise move as they’re much harder to find once you’re in the country)


Whether you’re after online forecasts for the coming days or longer term statistics on the country’s climate you’ll find some useful links here

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