Guided & Self-Guided Touring

See below for details of Pedal Portugal’s guided cycle tours and listings of other bike tour operators.

If you don’t fancy riding alone or planning your own tour, there are various options for biking holidays in Portugal – including Pedal Portugal’s own Guided Tours. (The videos below show examples of the roads and scenery on our Algarve and Border Castles trips.)

Keep scrolling down for information on other operators running bike tours of Portugal. You might also want to look at our blog post on How To Choose A Guided Cycle Tour.

Pedal Portugal Bike Tours

We hope to run the following tours in 2022:

  • Southern Explorer – Sunday 6th March to Thursday 17th March – €1,460
  • Border Castles – Sunday 27th March to Thursday 7th April – €1,495
  • More 2022 dates to follow…

If you want to get on our mailing list and be among the first to hear about new tours dates, please fill in the form below.

Please note: Our terms & conditions have been revised as a result of Covid-19 and the pandemic’s impact on our ability to run tours.

Any rider booking a tour has to read and accept these terms – which include your responsibility for medical, travel and cancellation insurance.

We hope to run tours in 2022 and will publish dates in due course – depending on the lifting of travel restrictions, vaccine roll-outs etc.

For small groups who want to decide their own route/dates, we may also be able to put together custom tours.

The links with the summaries below will take you to details of each guided bicycle holiday. To find out what previous riders thought, see our Reviews page. 

Tour summaries

The Border Castles Tour explores the north-east Alentejo, riding across the region’s rolling farmland, visiting ancient towns and a string of frontier fortresses and ruined castles, plus Neolithic tombs and a rugged natural park on the Spanish border.

The Southern Explorer Tour explores the hills, rolling plains and historic towns of the southern Alentejo before crossing into the Algarve and on to the south coast. We visit better known tourist sights, as well as heading off the beaten track to places that get few other visitors.

The Historic Heartland Tour provides a chance to explore some of the highlights of central Portugal, from the hill country near the Spanish border to the pine trees and sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast.

The Eastern Frontier Tour is our toughest bike trip, involving a fairly strenuous route starting from the northern end of the Serra da Estrela mountains, going up towards the Douro valley and then south along the Portuguese-Spanish border to the frontier fortress city of Elvas.

The Algarve Coast & Country takes in some of the most scenic scenery of Europe’s south-west corner, including spectacular Cabo São Vicente.

Other tour companies

If none of these cycle tours appeal then there are lots of other companies out there that might be able to help you – scroll down to see a list of some of those operators. (Alternatively, I suggest a Google search based on the area you want to visit.)

Options can include guided tours with support vehicle, organised food stops etc or ‘self-guided’ tours where you get an itinerary and your accommodation organised but the cycling is left to you.

I do not have any direct knowledge of the companies listed below, the details are given for information only. However, if you use – or have used – any guided tour operators I would  welcome any reviews or feedback so I can share the information with other riders.

Mountain biking

This isn’t exactly ‘guided touring’ but mountain bikers looking for marked routes might want to check out the Centros de BTT site. See also Ericeira Bike below.

This provides details of a growing number of mountain bike centres in Portugal – with locations that offer a number of marked trails of different grades.

The main website is only in Portugal but there are links to details for individual centres, where you can download the brochure (folheto) – some of which are in English as well as Portuguese. These pages also include lists of tracks (percusos) with options to download them as GPX files. 

Route planning

If you’d prefer to be more independent but are uncertain about where to go, who to get there etc., I also now offer a route planning service. This provides a bespoke, comprehensive package of advice that should give you everything you need in terms of maps, route information and accommodation suggestions for you to easily be able to navigate your own way around whatever corner of Portugal you chose. 

Tour operator listings

The list below contains a number of companies providing guided and self-guided tours in Portugal. 

As mentioned above, these are not recommendations as we have no direct experience of these firms but are here for your information. Any reviews would be welcomed:

A2Z Adventures – a Portuguese company specialising in walking and biking tours in Portugal. Cycling tours include the Atlantic coast from Porto to Lisbon and riding in the Alto Alentejo. 

Algarve Cycling Adventures – based at Sagres near the south-west tip of Portugal (and Europe). Offer mountain biking, road cycling and bike hire in the western Algarve. Includes guided tours led by professional road cyclists.

Brake The Cycle – offers a Lisbon to Seville trip that they say focuses on eco villages and sustainable communities.

Cycle Tours Global – online directory run by an Australian company that profiles bike tours worldwide, including a number of operators in Portugal. 

Cycling Through The Centuries – sister company of bike hire firm Cycling Rentals. Offer self-guided options and guided options – aiming for a combination of cycling, gourmet dining and luxurious accommodation.

Ericeira Bike has been running mountain bike tours of the coast around Ericeira and Sintra since 2017. Also has mountain bikes available for hire, plus accessories including surf board racks!

Headwater – one of the biggest firms in the activity holiday market across Europe. Has four cycle tour options in Portugal. Not cheap but it looks like everything is included.

Lisa Bikes – based in Estoi (north of Faro) in the Algarve. Offers bike hire and a range of cycle tours, both based based from one location or touring the region.

Live Love Ride – Portuguese company based in Lisbon running tours in the Douro valley, in the Sintra and Arrabida areas near Lisbon, and in the Alentejo. GranFondos for serious roadies or more laid back touring, groups and self-guided options.

Mac’s Adventureself-guided walking and cycling tour operator. The company has offered walking tours in Portugal for several years but has just launched (2014) a collection of self guided cycling tours in Portugal covering several different areas.

Portugal Bike – offers road, hybrid and mountain bike tours in various parts of Portugal. Gets good reviews on TripAdvisor too.

Pedal In Portugal – nothing to do with me just a very similar name! Offers tours in the Azores as well as the Algarve and the Alentejo.

Portugal Best Cycling – offers guided and self-guided trips around the Alentejo – plus hiking and kayaking options.

Top Bike Tours – in addition to cycle hire, this Porto-based company runs guided tours of the city, plus longer guided and self-guided tours of northern Portugal, including a seven-day Douro valley wine tour!

7 thoughts on “Guided & Self-Guided Touring”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing all the info thru your web page…!!

    Should I move to Portugal for living there, what would be the most friendliest place for a road biker?


    1. Hi Jonas
      There are lots of road bikers everywhere in Portugal – although often only out on Sundays! If you want quiet roads stay away from the cities and the Algarve.

  2. Hi there! Your site is really interesting. We are planning a cycling tour in Portugal starting july 21st for 7-8days. We were espescually interested to in the central/ northern area – do you organise anything there or can recommend something ? We are looking for à tour including bike rentals, accomodation, and luggage transportation. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hi Clarisse.
      I’m very sorry but I don’t organise tours in July and August. You can expect temperatures in the 30-35C range (quite possibly higher) and that’s too hot in my opinion – cycling becomes more about endurance than pleasure.
      I really recommend Portugal as a cycling destination but in the autumn (fall), winter or spring. Not the summer.
      I don’t know if other companies run tours in the summer months. You will need to look at their websites (you should find some links on this page) or contact them direct.
      Good luck, Huw

  3. Hi. We are interested in a bike trip from Porto to Lisbon next June. We would like a supported your. How long would that take and do you do that?

    1. Hi Alisa.
      Personally I avoid most of June as it’s starting to get pretty hot in Portugal by then. At the moment, the only tours I’m planning are the ones on this list –
      I can plan and provide advice for an unsupported tour but can’t help you with a supported one. It’s also very hard to say how long it would take without knowing how far you want to ride, what kind of route to take etc.
      If you want more detailed advice, email me:

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