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Too Hot To Ride?

I love Portugal and I love cycling. But I wouldn't dream of attempting any serious bike riding there in July and August - and would generally avoid anytime between mid-June and mid-September. It's just too darn hot! Many people thinking of doing a bike tour in Portugal get in touch with me asking for advice.… Continue reading Too Hot To Ride?

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How To Choose A Guided Cycle Tour

Signing up for a guided cycle tour is a major commitment. Getting it wrong doesn't only mean you end up on a bike trip that doesn't deliver the experience you were after - it could also mean wasting time, money and (for non-retirees) a precious chunk of your annual holiday allocation. So, what’s the best… Continue reading How To Choose A Guided Cycle Tour

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The Toughest Yet

Last week we completed our toughest guided tour so far - riding from Portugal's highest city, Guarda, to the Vila Real de Santo António at the mouth of the Guadiana river. The Eastern Explorer covered around 600km over nine days of riding but also involved more than 7,000m of climbing. Along the way we crossed three regions… Continue reading The Toughest Yet

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Happy Memories

I'm now back in the UK after completing the second Algarve Winter Tour, which involved taking seven riders (six Canadians and one American) on a circuit around the south-west corner of Portugal. Pedal Portugal's second ever guided tour was great fun. Everything seemed to go even more smoothly this time. No punctures, some great cycling, good… Continue reading Happy Memories

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Guinea Pigs On Tour

I'm starting to get excited. And a little bit nervous. In just seven days time I'll be meeting the riders taking part in the very first Pedal Portugal guided tour. I've got five Brits, one Irishman, two Germans and two Canadians due to arrive in Lagos next Sunday, expecting me to lead them round the… Continue reading Guinea Pigs On Tour

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Research Is A Tough Job

It's all turning into such a tough job. Getting ready for my first cycle tours means I've got to check out all the stops along the way - visit the hotels, the restaurants etc. Oh, I really feel I should ride the routes again (what a shame). Just in case any of the roads have been dug up or… Continue reading Research Is A Tough Job