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Guinea Pigs On Tour

I'm starting to get excited. And a little bit nervous. In just seven days time I'll be meeting the riders taking part in the very first Pedal Portugal guided tour. I've got five Brits, one Irishman, two Germans and two Canadians due to arrive in Lagos next Sunday, expecting me to lead them round the… Continue reading Guinea Pigs On Tour

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Cycling The Algarve – Published!

Fancy riding your bike to some of the most gorgeous and unspoilt beaches in Portugal? Want to escape the crowds on tiny back roads that aren't marked on any regular tourist map? Like the idea of tackling some some rugged hills and exploring orchards full of oranges and olives? Well, help is at hand! My second guidebook… Continue reading Cycling The Algarve – Published!

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Cycle Tours – Thinking Out Loud

So, is it time to expand? Stop just providing advice to fellow cyclists and start running guided tours of Portugal? Over the last few years the Pedal Portugal website seems to have taken over my life. Visitors to the site went up from around 3,000 in 2013 to more than 13,000 in 2014 - and… Continue reading Cycle Tours – Thinking Out Loud

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Wild & Wonderful

Completed a 41m/66km ride today through one of the quietest and most unspoilt corners of Portugal I've ever seen. After a couple of weeks in the far north, Carolyn and I are back in the Beira Alta, exploring the area just south of the Douro valley and just west of the Spanish border. I knew… Continue reading Wild & Wonderful

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Twenty Days And Counting

Excitement is mounting here at Pedal Portugal HQ. And not just because Bournemouth Air Show is on at the moment and I've got fighter jets screaming through the skies above my house, flying upside down, doing loop the loops, and generally making a racket.No, the reason for the excitement is that in less than three… Continue reading Twenty Days And Counting

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Guidebooks Coming

The first Pedal Portugal guidebook should be available this autumn - a print and ebook version of the Alentejo Circuit.The whole project is a bit of an experiment as I have no idea what kind of a market exists for guidebooks to cycling in Portugal. On the other hand, I'm having enormous fun writing them!My… Continue reading Guidebooks Coming

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Let’s Go To The Seaside!

I've been checking over some of the touring routes on Pedal Portugal and decided something was missing from my Alentejo Circuit... the beach! The Alentejo has some of the prettiest and least developed bits of coast in southern Portugal so it seemed wrong to completely leave it off a route designed to give cyclists a… Continue reading Let’s Go To The Seaside!

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Ready To Ride

So what do you fancy? Cycling through remote villages that look as if they haven't changed in centuries, blasting across the Alentejo plains to get to the Algarve or pottering up the coast of Portugal? After several months of work, I've at long last completed my overhaul of the Touring Routes pages - which include all… Continue reading Ready To Ride

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Open Roads

If you like wide open spaces, roads that stretch off into the distance... and not too much traffic, then the Alentejo has got to be one of the best parts of Portugal for cycling. Over the past couple of months, I've been giving the Pedal Portugal site a major overhaul - finally getting round to… Continue reading Open Roads

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Algarve Options

For a while, the Algarve was a bit of a blank space on this website - but I'm pleased to say that situation has now been rectified! Particularly as the Algarve has got to be one of the best places in Europe to go cycling in the winter or early spring. (Not so much in… Continue reading Algarve Options