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Downhill Across Portugal?

When your bike trip starts in Portugal's highest city and ends at the seaside, it must be all downhill, right? As I've mentioned before, Portugal may be wonderful but it is definitely not flat. Our latest bike trip across the country – which we finished on Friday - was a research trip for guided tours… Continue reading Downhill Across Portugal?

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The Toughest Yet

Last week we completed our toughest guided tour so far - riding from Portugal's highest city, Guarda, to the Vila Real de Santo António at the mouth of the Guadiana river. The Eastern Explorer covered around 600km over nine days of riding but also involved more than 7,000m of climbing. Along the way we crossed three regions… Continue reading The Toughest Yet

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Wild & Wonderful

Completed a 41m/66km ride today through one of the quietest and most unspoilt corners of Portugal I've ever seen. After a couple of weeks in the far north, Carolyn and I are back in the Beira Alta, exploring the area just south of the Douro valley and just west of the Spanish border. I knew… Continue reading Wild & Wonderful

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Ready To Ride

So what do you fancy? Cycling through remote villages that look as if they haven't changed in centuries, blasting across the Alentejo plains to get to the Algarve or pottering up the coast of Portugal? After several months of work, I've at long last completed my overhaul of the Touring Routes pages - which include all… Continue reading Ready To Ride

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Unknown Roads

One of the great joys of cycling is that there are always new roads to explore. Even in an area or country you think you know well, an unfamiliar turn can lead to a previously undiscovered ride. I've explored a lot of Portugal: on my solo bike and our tandem, on foot and in cars.… Continue reading Unknown Roads

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Dream Time

Most people have heard of Lisbon and Porto and the Algarve. But that's often where their knowledge of Portugal stops... and there's so much more! I spent two very happy years living in a city called Viseu (due west of Salamanca in Spain) and did a lot of riding in this part of Portugal's Beira… Continue reading Dream Time