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Following a query on Lonely Planet’s Thorntree forum, I’ve added some information about taking bikes on trains in Portugal – look at the Transport section if you want to know more.

I’m planning on adding some information about flying into Portugal with your bike but that’s going to take some more research with the individual airlines before it’s complete.

The Planning section also now has an expanded Weather & Climate page. This includes links to online forecasts as well as information on climate statistics to help with trip planning.

I’ve also added some reviews of a few campsites checked out recently – in Ericeira, Santa Cruz and Tomar. And, I’ve even had time to ride my bike a couple of times! I’ve put one short ride on under Torres Vedras – there are a couple more to include but I haven’t had time… yet.

2 thoughts on “Latest information”

    1. Hi Stuart.
      I’m afraid not. Which is actually a shame as unlike the UK there are some motorways with lovely wide shoulders and very little traffic!
      The restricted roads generally have ‘A’, ‘IP’ or ‘E’ designations. Other than that, I’m not aware of any restricted roads.

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