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Back in Portugal

We’ve just got back to Portugal – now based in Torres Vedras, about 40km to the north of Lisbon.

L: The old castle in Torres Vedras. R: Former Spa at nearby Cucos.

It’s great being here again. Pretty hot though – 32C this afternoon. Also very strange being back on my solo bike. After spending the previous year riding a heavily-laden tandem, my old road bike feels so flimsy!

The first project now is working out some routes that follow the Lines of Torres Vedras. This region was of crucial importance to Wellington during the early stages of the Peninsula War and there are a string of forts between the coast and the Tagus River.

Just got to fit the riding and blogging around having to work for a living! In the meantime, any feedback would be welcome – whether questions, requests for further information or suggestions for other routes.

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