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You Really Want To Go Now?

I realise not everyone can choose when to take holidays but I'm always surprised by the number of emails I get from people seeking advice on cycling in Portugal during July and August.  It gives me a real dilemma. On the one hand I want to help, but on the other hand I don't want people going… Continue reading You Really Want To Go Now?

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Be Ready For The Heat!

I'm getting a few inquiries from cyclists thinking of coming to Portugal next summer and I keep giving out the same message - think about the temperature! With storms battering the UK - and a polar vortex freezing the Niagara Falls - planning a summer expedition somewhere hot is probably very tempting for many of… Continue reading Be Ready For The Heat!

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Latest information

Following a query on Lonely Planet's Thorntree forum, I've added some information about taking bikes on trains in Portugal - look at the Transport section if you want to know more. I'm planning on adding some information about flying into Portugal with your bike but that's going to take some more research with the individual… Continue reading Latest information