I Want To Ride My Bicycle

One of the best things about running guided cycle tours of Portugal is discovering so many wonderful roads while we’re researching routes for our riders.

The video clip above was taken on the way down from the Alqueva dam to Moura on our recent Eastern Frontier guided cycle tour.

To be honest, that wasn’t a completely new road for us – we’ve biked that downhill a few times over the last few years – but I wanted to share the fun!

However, we do like to take our riders off the beaten track where we can. Early this year – on a little road between Beja and Mertola – we found what I thought was my favourite road in Portugal.

As you can see in the two pictures below, it’s a single-track road with almost zero traffic, running for around 15km past several tiny villages with some rolling ups and downs – plus a smooth new surface. What more could a cyclist want?


Cyclists’ heaven? Freshly-surfaced single-track country road near Mertola in the SE Alentejo


Another stretch of the same road – pictured in April, on our second Southern Explorer tour

But that wasn’t the only great stretch of riding we’ve discovered on this year’s guided tours. Pictured below are a small selection of other highlights from 2018 so far.

For more information on our bike trips in Portugal and what we’ve got planned for 2019, take a look at the guided tours schedule

3 thoughts on “I Want To Ride My Bicycle

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    • Maybe it depends on where you go but they’re not that rare. The cobbles in the village/town centres can be painful (literally) but overall I’d say roads in Portugal are better than in the UK.

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