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A Portuguese Love Affair – Part III

In 2005, my wife Carolyn and I arrived in Portugal for the first time after riding our tandem south through France and Spain. Over the course of about two months we cycled across the Algarve and then made our way north. Part I of the story dealt with our first impressions of Portugal and the start of… Continue reading A Portuguese Love Affair – Part III

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Ready To Ride

We're flying back to Portugal this afternoon to get ready for the next Pedal Portugal guided cycle tour - this time for a new route. The Border Castles Tour goes through some of my favourite bits of the Alentejo. We start in Évora and over the next 10 days do an anti-clockwise circuit into the north-east corner of… Continue reading Ready To Ride

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Rides In The North

It's taken nearly two months but I'm finally updating the Pedal Portugal site with details of some great bikes in the north of the country. I've completed details of three rides so far. Well, possibly four as one ride is made up of two loops that could be done as two separate circuits. So far,… Continue reading Rides In The North

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Wild & Wonderful

Completed a 41m/66km ride today through one of the quietest and most unspoilt corners of Portugal I've ever seen. After a couple of weeks in the far north, Carolyn and I are back in the Beira Alta, exploring the area just south of the Douro valley and just west of the Spanish border. I knew… Continue reading Wild & Wonderful

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Mapping Frustration

I used to think Michelin maps were good but I'm beginning to have my doubts. It's not so much faults with what they do show, more all the stuff they leave out. I've spent the past nine days exploring the north-east corner of Portugal, trying to work out new day rides and touring routes to… Continue reading Mapping Frustration

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Wonderful Start

So happy to be back in Portugal - wonderful scenery, friendly people, great cakes, lots of fountains and flowers, car drivers who stop at pedestrian crossings... all good so far! We packed up our van on Friday - tandem, camping gear etc - and caught the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander. We'd been praying the… Continue reading Wonderful Start

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Twenty Days And Counting

Excitement is mounting here at Pedal Portugal HQ. And not just because Bournemouth Air Show is on at the moment and I've got fighter jets screaming through the skies above my house, flying upside down, doing loop the loops, and generally making a racket.No, the reason for the excitement is that in less than three… Continue reading Twenty Days And Counting