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Maps Or More?

There are now two choices for anyone interested in Pedal Portugal's route planning service - the original 'maps-plus' option or a simpler (and cheaper) 'maps-only' service. I started my route planning service back in March 2016 and have been helping riders put together self-supported tours across Portugal for the past three years. My first customer… Continue reading Maps Or More?

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How To Choose A Guided Cycle Tour

Signing up for a guided cycle tour is a major commitment. Getting it wrong doesn't only mean you end up on a bike trip that doesn't deliver the experience you were after - it could also mean wasting time, money and (for non-retirees) a precious chunk of your annual holiday allocation. So, what’s the best… Continue reading How To Choose A Guided Cycle Tour

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A Gap In The Market?

Some while back I used to write novels in my spare time. But my two cycling guides to Portugal now sell more many copies than my other books! Running Pedal Portugal - both this website and our guided tours - also seems to have almost completely taken over my life these days. But recently I've been thinking about doing… Continue reading A Gap In The Market?

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Blooming Marvellous… At Last

One of my favourite sights in Portugal is the huge variety of wildflowers that carpet the countryside in spring as the combination of warm sunshine and damp soil triggers an explosion of growth. Although, this year there's so far been rather a lot more dampness than sunshine! Like most of the northern hemisphere, spring in… Continue reading Blooming Marvellous… At Last

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Travelling Fast & Light

Here at Pedal Portugal we tend to be of the "take everything you need and take your time" school of touring. Our normal target for a day's riding is 80km - particularly if loaded down with camping gear as well as everything else. But some riders prefer to travel much faster and lighter. Guest blogger… Continue reading Travelling Fast & Light