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Would This Happen At Home?

There are so many reasons I love Portugal - the range of landscapes, the sunshine, the quiet roads, the history, the (cheap) wine, all those castles, the food etc. etc. But one of the most important ingredients is the people.  When I first visited the country I thought many of the Portuguese seemed a bit dour. But I soon learnt not… Continue reading Would This Happen At Home?

Cycling Portugal, General

Why Portugal?

Cheap booze, sunshine, ancient civilisations, wildlife... or getting in touch with your roots... everyone's got different motivations for why they travel and what attracts them to different places. I've got my own reasons for loving Portugal but I was curious what the main draw was for other cyclists, particularly as some are - presumably -… Continue reading Why Portugal?

Cycling Portugal, General

What’s The Attraction?

One of my projects in the pipeline is to turn this website into a guidebook - both printed and e-book versions. (When that will actually happen, I'm not sure. Depends on how long the pipeline turns out to be!) In the meantime, though, I thought it might be useful to find out a bit more… Continue reading What’s The Attraction?

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Dream Time

Most people have heard of Lisbon and Porto and the Algarve. But that's often where their knowledge of Portugal stops... and there's so much more! I spent two very happy years living in a city called Viseu (due west of Salamanca in Spain) and did a lot of riding in this part of Portugal's Beira… Continue reading Dream Time

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Mud and rides

The rain arrived here yesterday. Torrential too - we went out cycling on Saturday afternoon and came back with the bikes coated with dust. Today we had to avoid a tractor scraping six inches of mud off the road! Still, the rain is probably a good thing. It's the first here for months and the… Continue reading Mud and rides