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Time For A Rethink

I’m delighted! Hundreds of you fellow cyclists have been using this blog as a resource for planning your trips to Portugal.

That’s wonderful because it means my work hasn’t been wasted.

Oct13However, I’ve just discovered that I owe a huge apology to all those people who have tried – and failed! – to get in touch with me over the past year.

I left Portugal in June 2012 and last wrote a post on this blog in January this year. Since then – due to a combination of work, moving house, being in a different country etc – I’ve hardly looked at this blog. I also completely forgot about the Pedal Portugal Gmail account!

So, my sincere apologies to everyone who sent me messages and got no reply. I hope your trips worked out and you came to Portugal anyway!

However, Carolyn and I have just come back from Portugal and are planning a return visit with our tandem in January. In the meantime, I’m planning on giving this blog a bit of a revamp and trying to make it even more useful. I also promise to start checking emails on a more regular basis!

However, there’s only so much that one guy can do (particularly from the UK). So if anyone has any useful tips and advice – or images – they want to share with other cyclists interested in visiting Portugal, please get in touch. Either leave a message in the comments box below or send an email to

All the best, Huw

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