The Spice Of Life

Warning: this post has nothing to do with Portugal but it is about cycle touring (and why I haven't been posting any updates for the last month) so hopefully still of interest! To celebrate my 50th birthday - and in the interests of trying out the roads in a few countries I've never visited before… Continue reading The Spice Of Life


Some Of My Favourite Things – Part 1

Some of the hardest decisions when planning a cycle tour are not about where to go but what to take - particularly if you've got to carry everything on your bike. Making up your route as you go is easy. Some roads turn out to be nothing like as nice as they looked when you were… Continue reading Some Of My Favourite Things – Part 1

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Cycling The Algarve – Published!

Fancy riding your bike to some of the most gorgeous and unspoilt beaches in Portugal? Want to escape the crowds on tiny back roads that aren't marked on any regular tourist map? Like the idea of tackling some some rugged hills and exploring orchards full of oranges and olives? Well, help is at hand! My second guidebook… Continue reading Cycling The Algarve – Published!

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You Really Want To Go Now?

I realise not everyone can choose when to take holidays but I'm always surprised by the number of emails I get from people seeking advice on cycling in Portugal during July and August.  It gives me a real dilemma. On the one hand I want to help, but on the other hand I don't want people going… Continue reading You Really Want To Go Now?

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Test Riders Needed

The next Pedal Portugal guidebook - 'Cycling The Algarve' - is on its way and I'm looking for test riders interested in trying out some of the routes. The new book will basically be in three parts. The first will be a touring route based on the existing Algarve Adventure, which is a six-stage route… Continue reading Test Riders Needed

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Oh Google Maps… Why, Why, Why?

Over the past few years I've spent many, many hours carefully putting together route maps for cyclists coming to Portugal and putting them on the Pedal Portugal website - but now Google seems to have messed up the lot! What is it with these companies that feel they have to keep changing things?  I used the old version… Continue reading Oh Google Maps… Why, Why, Why?

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Mapping Frustration

I used to think Michelin maps were good but I'm beginning to have my doubts. It's not so much faults with what they do show, more all the stuff they leave out. I've spent the past nine days exploring the north-east corner of Portugal, trying to work out new day rides and touring routes to… Continue reading Mapping Frustration

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Wonderful Start

So happy to be back in Portugal - wonderful scenery, friendly people, great cakes, lots of fountains and flowers, car drivers who stop at pedestrian crossings... all good so far! We packed up our van on Friday - tandem, camping gear etc - and caught the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander. We'd been praying the… Continue reading Wonderful Start

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Guidebooks Coming

The first Pedal Portugal guidebook should be available this autumn - a print and ebook version of the Alentejo Circuit.The whole project is a bit of an experiment as I have no idea what kind of a market exists for guidebooks to cycling in Portugal. On the other hand, I'm having enormous fun writing them!My… Continue reading Guidebooks Coming

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Why Portugal?

Cheap booze, sunshine, ancient civilisations, wildlife... or getting in touch with your roots... everyone's got different motivations for why they travel and what attracts them to different places. I've got my own reasons for loving Portugal but I was curious what the main draw was for other cyclists, particularly as some are - presumably -… Continue reading Why Portugal?