Bike options & booking form

Bikes for our tours can be hired from Cycling Rentals. You can also bring your own bike or hire from another company but, if considering this option, please read the notes at the bottom of this page.

For rentals via Cycling Rentals, we will co-ordinate bookings and organise the delivery and collection of your bike. As riders on our tours, you also get a discount of about 10% on the company’s normal charges.

Choosing bikes

For our tours, we suggest the touring models because they have slightly wider tires – making them more comfortable for coping with the occasional rough stretch and cobbled streets we encounter on our routes.

They also come with a rack, which is handy for taking a pannier to hold your snacks, sunscreen, waterproofs etc.touring models

Examples of touring models currently available from Cycling Rentals

Road touring bikes (on left) have more a more traditional road configuration, while light touring bikes (middle) are more upright with flat bars. These are the two types of bike we would generally recommend.

The hybrid touring bikes (on right above) come with or without crossbars, have a more upright position and a good range of gears. However, these are heavier due to having front suspension, which is not required.

Ebikes (see right) can be hired but are NOT suitable for all tours due to various factors. We will also only take a limited number of ebikes per tour.

Anyone considering hiring an ebike should contact us in advance. Please note that ebike deposits are not refundable.

For the full specifications of each bike available, click here.


Hiring a touring bike (road, light or hybrid) costs €225 for all tours except Historic Heartland, for which the cost is €240. This price includes delivery and collection but not any optional accessories (see below).

For aluminium road bikes the prices are €215 and €230.

Ebikes are also available but riders should be aware these are leased from a third-party and deposits are NOT refundable. The prices for an ebike are €375 and €410.

Please note, these are 2022 prices and may increase.


The cost of hiring bikes and accessories will be added to the balance payment due to Pedal Portugal for your tour (due 90 days before the start of the tour).

Deposits for bikes and accessories (including the non-refundable deposits for ebikes) will be paid to Cycling Rentals by Pedal Portugal from the downpayments made for your tour.

What’s included

Every bike rental includes a lock, pump, mini-tool, spare tube, tyre levers and either flat/platform or cage pedals at no extra charge. See below for other accessories. All bikes also have a water bottle holder.

Helmets, clip-in pedals and water bottles are NOT included.

Other items you need

Panniers: We recommend that each rider has their own pannier, bar bag or similar – whether you bring your own or hire.

Riders must carry ID (passport or equivalent) at all times in Portugal. We also recommend keeping personal valuables (phones, money, camera etc.) with you as we are not responsible for their safety.

You may also want to carry extra layers, waterproofs (they can be necessary!), snacks and other personal items.

Helmets: These can be hired from Cycling Rentals for a flat rate of €14 for the tour. However, we recommend bringing your own helmet to be certain of a good and comfortable fit.

Waterbottles: These are not provided so should be brought with you.

Optional accessories

The following accessories can also be hired through Cycling Rentals:

Bar bag: waterproof Ortleib bag, 7-litre capacity, 5kg weight limit. €23/25*

Light panniers (pair): waterproof Ortleib City Roller panniers, 2 x 12-litre capacity. €22/24*

Large panniers (pair): waterproof Ortleib panniers, 2 x 20-litre capacity €34/37*

Phone holder: shockproof mounting, size adjustable (4.7 to 6.8 inches), horizontal or vertical use €12/13*

LED front light: 16-lux beam, 20-hour charge, fits all handlebars €12/13*

Mirror: adjustable bar end mirror, works with flat or drop bars €12/13*

Mudguards: clip-on mudguards (for hybrid touring bikes only) €12/13*

SPD pedals: three options – SPD mountain (fit all standard Shimano type cleats), SPD-SL (for Shimano road cleats), LOOK type (for LOOK and Keo road cleats) €14/15*

*The first price shown is for all tours other than Historic Heartland. The second price is for Historic Heartland, which is one day longer. For more details on any accessories click here.

Cycling Rentals also offers a €15/bike theft/crash insurance policy. In the event of theft, loss or damage to a rented bike or accessory, this reduces the replacement cost by half.

Booking form

This form is only for riders with confirmed places on a Pedal Portugal guided cycle tour.

Each rider should read these notes and complete the sections below. We will then forward your reservation request to Cycling Rentals and let you know as soon as availability is confirmed.

Please note: By completing this form, you also accept that you are responsible for any bikes and accessories as specified under the terms & conditions for renters set out by Cycling Rentals.

Please double check all areas of the form before clicking on submit!

Alternative hire companies

If you decide to rent from another hire company, it will be your responsibility to arrange not only the hire but also the delivery and collection of your bike.

We will help as much as possible but you will also have to deal with any mechanical/maintenance issues that arise on the tour.

Details of some alternative hire companies can be found on this page.

Bringing your own bike

If bringing your own bike, you are responsible for both getting it safely to Portugal and getting it to/from the start and finish points of the tour. You will also have to bring any neccessary spares.

If you have any mechanical issues we will do what we can to help. However, we only carry spares for the hire bikes. You should also be aware that our tours mostly take place in areas with few bike shops/qualified mechanics. Many Portuguese bike shops also very limited options with spares.

If you do intend bringing your own bike, please let us know in advance and seek our advice.