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Portugal is a marvellous country for cycling – wonderful scenery, friendly people and a wealth of history and culture. But if you want to make the most of your time there it’s going to worth doing a bit of planning first.

Which are the best roads for cyclists? How do you find your way around? Where can you get provisions, find a place to stay and check the weather forecast? And — as well as where to go — do you know when to go?

All the information in this part of Pedal Portugal is designed to help visiting cyclists, with everything from practical advice to help plan a trip, to ideas for routes and lists of information you may need once you’re in the country.


This website began life in 2011, with various pages and sections being added over subsequent years. Although a lot of information has subsequently been updated, I can’t guarantee everything on the site is completely up to date.

Also, as it’s all my work, it’s also my opinion. Others may think differently!

Where to start?

If you’re just beginning your research, please look at my Top 10 Tips first. If you can’t find the information you need – use the Advice Form to ask for help. (But please try to find the answer on the site first as I’m only able to do this in my spare time!)

The information and route ideas are all free but any donations via PayPal – whether $1 or £1 – will be greatly appreciated.

You might also want to read some first-hand accounts of cycling in Portugal. This blog post from July 2019 has links to various journals by other riders – plus a couple of YouTube videos like the one below:

***PLEASE NOTE: Pages on this site will also change as new information is added and old sections updated. Check out the Latest Updates page to see what’s new – or sign up to the blog if you want to be kept informed of any changes (look for the box on the right hand side of this page).***


Background: General information for the first stage of planning your trip.

On The Road: Facts and advice to help with more detailed planning and once your trip is underway.

Day Rides: Ideas for some one-off rides and short tours (two-three days) in different parts of Portugal.

Touring Routes: Suggestions for seven possible touring routes, covering different areas of the country and types of scenery. Plus advice on other resources to inspire your trip.

Listings: Details of essentials like campsites and bike shops.

Ask & Share: How to get in touch if you have a one-off query about cycling in Portugal – or to share information that other riders might appreciate.


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