Bike options

For riders who want to hire a bike, we work with Cycling Rentals, a company based near Lisbon that will deliver anywhere in Portugal and has a range of models and accessories.

Pedal Portugal is NOT responsible for bikes hired by you and you are not obliged to hire through Cycling Rentals (see below). However, very few cycle hire companies will deliver/collect bikes to/from the places we use as start/finish points for our tours.

If you rent through Cycling Rentals, we will co-ordinate bookings to ensure everyone’s bike is delivered and collected as required for the tour. As members of one of our tours, you also benefit from a discount of about 10% on the company’s normal charges.

Please read the notes below CAREFULLY before booking your bike!

Choosing bikes

For our tours, we normally suggest the touring models because they have slightly wider tires – more comfortable for coping with the occasional rough stretch and cobbled village streets we encounter on our routes.

They also come with a rack, which is handy for taking a pannier to hold your snacks, sunscreen, waterproofs (they are sometimes needed!) etc.touring models

Examples of touring models currently available from Cycling Rentals

Road touring bikes have more a more traditional road configuration, while light touring bikes are more upright with flat bars. The hybrid touring bikes (models with and without crossbars available) are heavier but have front suspension and a wider range of gears.

Ebikes can be hired but they are NOT suitable for all tours due to a combination of factors, including cycling distances, amount of climbing and remoteness from bike shops in the event of breakdowns. We will also only take a limited number of ebike riders per tour. Anyone considering hiring an ebike should contact us in advance.

For the full specifications of each bike available, click here.


Whether you bring your own or hire, we think it’s a good idea for every rider to have a pannier, bar bag or similar for carrying passports (see below), other valuables, snacks and extra layers/waterproofs. (For couples, a pair of lightweight panniers is generally sufficient – see accessories.)

All riders must carry ID (passport or equivalent) at all times – it should never be left in the support van. 

You should also keep personal valuables like money, phone, camera etc. with you when riding as we are not responsible for their safety. It is also a good idea to carry personal snacks and – if necessary – a waterproof and extra layer.

What’s included

Every bike rental includes a lock, pump, mini-tool, spare tube, tyre levers and either platform or cage (toe clip) pedals at no extra charge. See below for other accessories available.

Helmets, clip-in pedals and water bottles are not included. Helmets can be hired for a flat rate of €10 but we recommend bringing your own to be certain of a good and comfortable fit.

Optional accessories

Accessories – such as panniers, SPD pedals, bar bags, mirrors, helmets, odometers – are available at an extra charge. For details click here.

Cycling Rentals also offers a €15/bike theft/crash insurance policy – please see their terms & conditions for both details of cover and general booking terms.


Hiring a touring bike (road, light or hybrid) will cost €225 for all tours except Historic Heartland and €240 for Historic Heartland, including delivery and collection (not including any accessories).

For aluminium road bikes the prices are €215 and €230.

Cycling Rentals can also organise the hire of ebikes, although riders should be aware these are leased from a third-party and deposits are not refundable. The prices for an ebike are €375 and €410.

Please note, these are 2022 prices and may increase.

Booking with Cycling Rentals

When your tour is confirmed, please book your bike with Cycling Rentals via the Pedal Portugal – Bike Reservations page.

When booking please don’t forget to include the tour name provided by Pedal Portugal in the first section of the form.

Alternative hire companies

You are not obliged to rent from Cycling Rentals but if you decide to go elsewhere you will be responsible for arranging your own hire and the delivery and collection of your bike. Details of some alternative hire companies can be found on this page.

Bringing your own bike

You can, of course, bring your own bike but please note that you are responsible both for getting it safely to Portugal and making sure everything is functioning properly!

Another issue is that our tours generally take us through areas with few bike shops/qualified mechanics. Local shops generally have very limited options with spares.

If you have any mechanical issues we will do everything we can to help. However, although we do carry tools and spares for the hire bike, we cannot guarantee they will be the right size/type for your bicycle.

If you do intend bringing your own bike, please let us know in advance and seek our advice.