Pedal Portugal’s Lockdown Quiz

Sadly, like so many of you, the Pedal Portugal team (me and Carolyn) is stuck at home, hoping to save lives by going nowhere. (Apart from a quick ride on our tandem or a walk to the beach when it’s not too busy.)

So, if you’ve had enough of Netflix binges, household chores, rereading the same old books and learning new recipes, here’s my contribution to boredom relief.

Below are 21 questions on a wide variety of topics. Some are easy, some are a bit more obscure – and there might be more than one answer to some of them.

There’s no prize other than the satisfaction of how many you can get right. And a brief bit of distraction.

21 Portugal-related questions

Use the form to submit answers if you want to and I’ll put your name on a Facebook post if you’ve got them right. Otherwise, I’ll publish the answers and explanations next week.

Have fun!

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