Same Same But Different

Just over 10 years after it was born, the Pedal Portugal website has undergone a major revamp.

There’s a new look to the site and various sections have been reorganised and shuffled around – mainly to separate all the free resources and information for independent cycle tourists from our guided tours ‘business’.

Hopefully, the revised layout is all quite logical… It is in my mind but I’m well aware that’s no guarantee others will feel the same way!

The redesign is a job I’ve been meaning to do for a long time but have successfully avoided until now. I knew there were some scrappy, disorganised bits to the site (pages begun and never properly finished) plus a few duplicate sections.

But no one ever complained about the layout and it seemed to work so…

However. I also knew the site’s design theme had been ‘retired’ by hosting company WordPress quite a few years ago. Which meant some ‘techy’ elements didn’t work as well as they should, particularly for scrolling on mobile devices.

So, hopefully, the revamp should not only make it easier for people to find whatever information they’re after but also that the site works better with whatever bit of modern (or not so modern) technology you’re using to browse that new-fangled world wide web thingy.

I’m not promising everything is perfect. There are bound to be a few glitches or broken links that I haven’t discovered. Meaning that your feedback, comments and corrections are – as ever – always welcome.

And maybe, just maybe, as life continues to return to some kind of normal, with the help of some inspiration from this site, more of you will actually be able to come and cycle around Portugal.

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